SSPX disrupts service in Buenos Aires cathedral commemorating Kristallnacht

CWN – November 13, 2013

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Protesters from a Catholic traditionalist group disrupted an inter-faith service in Buenos Aires marking the anniversary of Kristallnacht on November 12.

The disrupters, who were affiliated with the Society of St. Pius X, drowned out the leaders of the cathedral service by shouting Catholic prayers, and distributing leaflets protesting the use of the cathedral by “followers of false gods,” before eventually being escorted out by police.

The ceremony, an annual event in Buenos Aires, promotes religious harmony between Christians and Jews. The service was led by Archbishop Mario Poli, who succeeded Pope Francis as head of the Buenos Aires archdiocese, along with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, the Pope’s personal friend and co-author.

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11 comments on “SSPX disrupts service in Buenos Aires cathedral commemorating Kristallnacht

  1. This is my first post with this new format. I hope I did everything right because my eyesight is really getting bad. I know you are suppose to list an author, but there wasn’t one available on the article.

    Anyway, I think it is a really sad state of affairs when the SSPX gets the police called on them by their fellow Catholics.

    Have we just gotten out of the business of evangelization to the lost? What is up with all these touchy, feely mushy luv fests??

  2. This reminded me of 2004 when Fr. McMahon and a good sized group of real Catholics stopped the Buddhists from desecrating St. Adalbert’s.

    I couldn’t find the story that I have from one of the faithful who was part of the protest so I’m using the SSPX link.

    The faithful here destroyed a sign by a protestant church which was dishonoring the Holy Family as well as ones about redefining marriage. We’ve been petitioning stores to remove vulgar materials and protesting other stores. They do not do abortions in our town because of the protests of the faithful here.

  3. adoro te says:

    “This reminded me of 2004 when Fr. McMahon and a good sized group of real Catholics stopped the Buddhists from desecrating St. Adalbert’s.”

    In Grand Rapids, Michigan


    St. Patrick saved the Irish
    Columba…monks he gave,
    Flanigan built up Boys Town
    Where boys their souls could save.

    Bur have ya heard the story
    Of fightin’ Father McMahon
    Who battled back the Buddhists
    The way a Catholic can?

    The True Faith yes he stood for
    A Christ-like priest so humble.
    The Buddhist “monks” stood clueless
    And then began the rumble.

    But not the kind of rumble
    From God-less violent deeds
    No pagan chanting mumble
    But roaring Rosary beads.

    And then the wind she blew
    A rapid grand tornado
    When fightin’ Father McMahon
    Intoned our Catholic Credo!

    So gather round my children,
    All false faiths we must ban
    From Holy Mother’s Churches…

  4. I think it would have been more of a propaganda victory for the SSPX if they had knelt down outside the Cathedral and prayed the Rosary quietly. That way the contrast could have been made about the Catholic Faith being shut out of the Cathedral while Christ-deniers were given a platform inside.

    As it turned out, I don’t think any hearts would have been changed by the events which actually transpired. And converting hearts to Our Lord is what we should be trying to do for the poor Jews and Muslims. Nobody needs the guilt of hardening Jewish hearts even further and driving them on down their road to hell.

  5. Since the only effective end to these blasphemous “gatherings” with the enemies of the Church would consist of something more like 200,000 really pissed-off Catholics marching arm in arm around and (some) into the Cathedral, driving the ecumaniac money changers – especially the Mod dingleberries in miters and cassocks – out onto the street, all measures short of that are going to be problematic and futile.

    Why? Media stereotyping.

    There was a spate of goofy women, years back, who got hooked up with some sede or lunatic apparition group. They would plant themselves in the back of the nordo parish they “invaded” and shout the Rosary at the top of their lungs during a nordo liturgy. A few days of that and the local bishop called the cops in and had ’em gently escorted off the grounds. The story got national play in the media.

    While the SSPXers motives were good, their tactics fell short.

    Overwhelming force, or you don’t invade. It will just backfire.

    And that will not do anything to help raise a 200,000 man army to do the job right.

  6. I agree with gpmtrad that you have to fight to win. And nothing sways ‘hearts’ more than winning, in the long run. Does anyone remember Guadalajara, I’m pretty sure in 2008, when the SSPX chapel there gathered at the new FSSP chapel during ecumenical week and demonstrated? I think somebody spray-painted something on the wall. See, FSSP pretended (and I’m sure still pretends) to go along with all the shenanigans, the rabbis in the sanctuary, the buddhists preaching, but in fact they did not participate–that’s what they call resisting, I suppose–and were celebrating mass in their comfortable new chapel. So SSPX exposed the dirty linen.

    @Mr. Sainz, do you know more about this group? Cristeros?

    @sgnofcross, you did very well, bad eyes or no. There was no author listed at the source, but you have the source. The only thing wrong is that the format of the posting has you as having ‘written’ this piece yourself, which is an error, and a serious one in this day and age of disinformation. I wish Angelqueen would fix that formatting to say Posted by rather than Written by.

    • You justify the SSPX’s actions in Guadalajara? So you think it’s okay to bullhorn a Mass prayed in reparation for the sins against false ecumenism? The SSPX essentially protested the protesters of false ecumenism – where does that put them? That whole incident was an eye opener for me and led to my first step out of the SSPX Chapels.

  7. @Jan. I meant to say that these Argentinian kids, regarding active courage, remind me of the Mexican Christeros of 1926-1929.

  8. The Christeros lost because Pius XI and his expletive deleted episcopacy betrayed them. These cheeky young bastards, working off a zero base, are going to win.

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