This Letter Should Receive Immediate Papal Attention

WARNING: Certain parts of the letter by Randy Engel are clinical and may be upsetting to many. The subject matter, a major crisis within ecclesiastical circles, is clerical sodomy. The letter deals with the nature of the crisis and points to a possible solution. Again, this is a frank, clinical and objective treatment of a grave problem and, for many, this letter may be unduly upsetting. EXTREME CAUTION is urged for pious, sensitive readers unfamiliar with the horrific nature of the problem described [ gpmtrad ].


“9 November 2013

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State

Your Holiness,

It’s difficult to know how or where to begin this Open Letter on the necessity of establishing a Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty, and the “Gay Lobby” in the Catholic Church. But since I must begin somewhere let me start with Question 21 posed to you by Brazilian journalist, Ilze Scamparini, during your first press conference of July 28, 2013 aboard the papal aircraft on route to Rome from World Youth Day in Rio,

Here is the reported dialogue between you and Scamparini which touches upon the key topics of this missive: [1]
Ilze Scamparini: I would like to ask permission to ask a somewhat delicate question: another image has also gone around the world, which is that of Monsignor Ricca and news about your privacy [and the news of his private life.] I would like to know, Holiness, what do you intend to do about this question? How to address this question and how Your Holiness intends to address the whole question of the gay lobby?

Pope Francis: Regarding Monsignor Ricca: I did what Canon Law mandates to do, which is the investigatio previa. And from that investigatio there was nothing of that which they accuse him of, we did not find anything of that. This is the answer.

But I would like to add something else on this: I see that so many times in the Church, outside of this case and also in this case, they go to look for the “sins of youth,” for example, no? And this is published. Not the crimes. Crimes are something else: the abuse of minors is a crime. No, the sins.

But if a person, lay or priest or Sister, has committed a sin and then has converted, the Lord forgives, and when the Lord forgives, the Lord forgets and this is important for our life. When we go to confession and truly say: “I have sinned in this,” the Lord forgets and we don’t have the right not to forget, because we run the risk that the Lord won’t forget our [sins]. That’s a danger.

This is important: a theology of sin. I think so many times of St. Peter: he committed one of the worst sins, which is to deny Christ, and with this sin he was made Pope. We must give it much thought.

But, returning to your more concrete question: in this case, I did the investigatio previa and we found nothing. This is the first question.

Then you spoke of the gay lobby. Goodness knows! So much is written of the gay lobby. I still have not met one who will give me the identity card with “gay.” They say that they exist.

I think that when one meets a person like this, one must distinguish the fact of being a gay person from the fact of doing a lobby, because not all lobbies are good. That’s bad.

If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge him? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this in such a beautiful way, it says, Wait a bit, as is said, and says: “these persons must not be marginalized because of this; they must be integrated in society.”

The problem isn’t having this tendency, no. We must be brothers, because this is one, but there are others, others. The problem is the lobbying of this tendency: lobby of the avaricious, lobby of politicians, lobby of Masons, so many lobbies. This, for me, is the more serious problem. And I thank you.
The Language of Gayspeak

When I first read your response to Scamparini, I must confess that my attention was not drawn immediately to the Ricca scandal, but rather to the fact that you used the term “gay” or “gay person” no less than five times.

On June 6, 2013, you allegedly made a private comment to the members of the Latin America Confederation of Men and Women Religious affirming the existence of a “gay lobby,” inside the Vatican, but the term was later reported with quotes. [2] Such was not the case this time round. I must assume that your unfortunate decision to use the politically correct language of gayspeak was deliberate. In normal times this action might have been overlooked with a wink and a nod, but in wartimes it smells of treason and corruption.

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6 comments on “This Letter Should Receive Immediate Papal Attention

  1. The letter by Randy Engel is brilliant – but extremely disturbing.
    It helps to show just how far the Church has fallen.The wolves are well and truly within the gates.
    These are desperate times.

    I think we all need to pray hard that our Pope will get the necessary “wake up call” before too much more damage is done.

  2. This Pope is part of the problem. His recklessness has already garnered pervert victory in Illinois, and I suspect it will not be the last of such disasters that may be laid at his feet.

    May his reign be short.

  3. From the end of Randy Engel’s letter:

    “That a bishop [i.e. Archbishop Bergoglio] should so glibly refer to such disgusting and perverted practices in a public interview clearly indicates to me that you are not unschooled in the ways and dangers of sexual perversion, and hence, have no real need for me to instruct you on the perversity of homosexual behaviors, nor on the grave necessity of combating the Homosexual Collective and other forces of organized perversion.”

    Boy, the lady has guts! Some months ago I made a quip that this papacy was going to be the next Borgia papacy – perhaps my merry jest was not so far off the mark?

  4. Perverts are great con artists. They know how to infiltrate groups and seminaries and then continue their perversion within certain circles. Many people just don’t understand these things and they don’t want to face the elephant in the room so to speak. If the pope and cardinals treat the issue lightly, then problems like the abuse scandals arise and things fall apart. However, perverts never give up.Church leaders and laity have to be on the alert at all times to push out these perverts with sting operations and plants to catch the predators. There are ways to do it and in order to protect kids and vulnerable people, clergy must be scrutinized and weeded out if they are found to be sexually active in a perverted way or if they are breaking their vows. They must leave the ministry and only the strong men should remain who will set good example of what it means to live the gospel. All lobbies must be broken up and the ring leaders kicked out. Our society must use the same tactics with school teachers and medical personnel who can take advantage of weak people or people who are under their trust. We have been too apathetic on these issues and that is why things have gotten to this point.

  5. On another website the orthodox Catholic in charge of it made some observations, about how Pope Francis had said a number of disturbing things. I joined him in agreeing with this and mentioned the Pope’s comments about homosexuals.

    What I found really disturbing is that one of the other bloggers got nastier and nastier as he attacked us for criticizing homosexuality. He brought up the favorite lie that homosexuals are born that way and that us conservatives were responsible for young people committing suicide because we made them feel bad about their homosexuality.

    He dismissed any references to Scripture’s condemnation of homosexual behavior.

    Interestingly this blogger and a fellow pro homosexual blogger were very supportive of Pope Francis and abused us for daring to criticize anything he said.

  6. I have and read Randy Engel’s book and it is extremely well done as was her letter. It provides a foundation and insights to what is happening in the Church today and the history behind it.

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