Will the Last Dancer to Leave the Vatican Please Turn Out the Lights?

Condemnation of the Tango when the Church still had a Catholic Pope:

On behalf of Pope St. Pius X, the Vicar General of Rome Card. Basilio Pompili issued a Pastoral Letter in 1914 denouncing the tango as highly damaging to the soul. The Cardinal stated:

“The tango, which has already been condemned by illustrious Bishops and is prohibited even in Protestant countries, must be absolutely prohibited in the see of the Roman Pontiff, the centre of the Catholic religion.” He urged the clergy to courageously raise their voices “to defend the sanctity of Christian customs against the threatening danger and overwhelming immorality of the new paganism.” He also warned parents that if they do not protect their children from such corruption, they will be guilty before God of failing in their most sacred duties.

(The New York Times, January 16, 1914)

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2 comments on “Will the Last Dancer to Leave the Vatican Please Turn Out the Lights?

  1. Today’s parental “sacred duties” include, of course:

    1. Teaching li’l Waldo and Edwina how to locate the Island of Lumpadumpa on a map and revere it as a religious shrine symbolizing the close, warm relationship between the Holly Jolly See of El Jorge and the Catholic-hating moose limbs trying to sneak into Italy

    2. Going green

    3. Memorizing all the funny hats the new popes like to plop on their heads

    4. Studying from “How to Dress Up Like a Clown”

    5. Wearing skull caps when the Klatzenbergs come over for dinner

    6. Helping out with the annual school musical, “Rent”

    7. Tango lessons

  2. You left out teaching the the kiddies how to discern their “gender.”

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