Special Report: Local Catholics revert to the Latin Mass

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Special Report: Local Catholics revert to the Latin Mass

Posted: Nov 06, 2013 9:43 AM

By Vanessa Holmes, Reporter

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There is a movement among conservative Catholics worldwide to revert to the Latin mass.

It’s a move that is happening right here in southeast Texas.

Parishioners at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Vidor are going back to the beginning; going back to Catholicism roots which originated in the 16th century.

From 1570 to 1962, the Tridentine mass, also known as the Latin mass, was commonly celebrated around the world.

In 1970, Pope Paul VI revised the Tridentine mass and ordered that masses world-wide should be said in vernacular, the language of the country.

Latin speaking masses dwindled and countries began worshiping in their native tongue.

Then in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to bishops around the world allowing them to make the old new, again.

“After 2007 is actually when we helped organize a little group that could promote what Pope Benedict was trying to do,” said John Morrell, Catholic parishioner.

At that time, Bishop Curtis Guillory appointed one church in the Diocese of Beaumont to perform this Latin mass.

At Our Lady of Lourdes in Vidor, Father Paul Sumler offers Latin prayers to the old and the young.

“People are drawn to the old, to the profound, to the sacred,” said Cody Castillo, Catholic parishioner.

Castillo follows in prayer with this 1962 Roman Missal.

“While praying the English mass, there’s so many times you get use to it. So, it forces me to actually pay attention to what the text really says,” said Castillo.

During Latin masses, women wear veils. It was required in the past and although it’s no longer required, many women prefer the traditional attire.

“It provides me a little bit of silence to where it blocks out the distraction that there may be around. But, also just being humbled,” Liza Gossett, Catholic parishioner.

In what’s called an ordinary mass, priests face the people. In an extra-ordinary mass, the Latin mass, priests face the same direction as the people.

While receiving the body and blood of Christ, parishioners kneel.

“The norm in the United States is standing. But, if any Catholic, in any mass, wants to kneel to receive, they’re free to do so,” said Castillo.

The church says the younger generation is attracted to the newer way of worship.

“It’s counter-cultural for me as a young Catholic. It’s beautiful. It’s ancient,” said Castillo.

But, not all Catholics approve.

“The feedback I get is most people prefer the norm the ordinary form of celebrating the Eucharist. People really don’t understand Latin,” said Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, Catholic Diocese of Beaumont

Pope Francis has made two public references that some would say may reflect his stance on the Latin mass. The first reference was this past summer when he restricted the use of Latin by Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

The other was in a statement while he was in Beaunes Aires in June. He called the movement a “restorationist group” that takes the church back 60 years.

To be clear, Pope Francis has never made a direct public statement about the use of Latin, so officially the church stands behind Pope Benedict’s 2007 standards.

There are 1.2 billion Catholics world-wide.

There’s an estimated 80,000 registered Catholics in the Diocese of Beaumont.

Our Lady of Lourdes is the only Catholic church in the area that holds a public Latin mass.

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9 comments on “Special Report: Local Catholics revert to the Latin Mass

  1. Well, I suppose the location is preferable to that diocese that scheduled its only Latin Mass in a cemetery masoleum, but did it have to be such an ugly church? Modern, in the round, and tiling on the wall that would look better in a bathroom- yick!

    And of course, that tired old lie about the Mass dating only back to 1570. If we still had emoticons, I’d be using that one with the guy hitting his head against a brick wall. Sigh!

    • One’s first impulse is jubilation. But, whoa. We’ve learned a few things. You can be a modernist and love the traditional mass–for one thing, every council father celebrated it, and it didn’t insulate them against modernism. For another, Benedict’s theology is part and parcel of Francis,’ including his attitude toward homosexuality. Benedict, as Ratzinger, authored the policy of protection of homosexuals if not homosexuality and those docs are still live on the Vatican website (I have a post on it with links, Holy Smoking Gun). And I think we are going to learn the hard way that even devotion to Our Lady, and to the rosary, do not vacinate one against modernism. I think all our easiest assumptions are going to be challenged by what comes. Obama himself could become a devotee, as long as the resulting ‘religion’ can be morphed into the liberal agenda (control of humans being the goal–and if religion helps to that end, they will use it). What I am thinking is that we will suffer very much on the road to the Cardinals, those with ears to hear, taking on their responsibility to declare manifest heresy when they see it. And I guess God is going to let it be right up in their faces. Our job could be to keep blogging, writing letters, and so forth, to make sure they begin to see and uinderstand. It’s political work, in its way, and since God has underwritten the kind of democracy it is, that is, the democracy that legitimately platforms the Church, we have to do our part.

  2. Jan B has touched on some very important items.

    The only “inoculation” against any sin is the one Our Lord prescribed: Prayer, fasting, strict adherence of the will to His teaching (implicit in which is lifelong study and deep, meditative reflection.)

    We know with the certainty of Christ’s Own Death and Resurrection that He will never be outdone in generosity to those who believe in Him, sacrifice everything for Him and adhere to the sure and immemorial doctrine of His Holy Catholic Church.

    • The main thing is to not give in to the liberal ideas. Even if the mainstream church kicks us out for standing up for what the church used to teach, we must stand up for the truth even if it means being treated like Lefebvre. If we give in on gay marriage, women clerics or cohabitating, etc, then we are doomed into the new world religion which is in the making. The truth is in the catechism and scripture which liberals are now saying those things don’t not mean anything. They want to change the doctrines of the church and the truth cannot change. The tridentine Mass embodies the wholeness of the Catholic faith and most celebrations of the Novus Ordo embodies protestant highlights and deviates from the catholic faith in many cases.

  3. Mardancy is so right. It is so very sad to read that those Republican representatives in Illinois day before yesterday quoted Pope Francis in their decision to support homosexual ‘marriage.’ And they are not being inaccurate. He said it, he did not repudiate the media’s representation of his words. He has given in. It is so very clear.

  4. There may be inaccuracies in the reporting, but at least they understood one thing which is beyond the intelligence of 99% of Catholic “liturgists”:

    “In an extra-ordinary mass, the Latin mass, priests face the same direction as the people.”

    They obviously hadn’t read the modernist script that the “priest has his back to the people.”

    • In the Traditional liturgy, the priest is leading the people in prayer to the Transcendant God. A God who orders the world and human life according to His Logos. In the Novus Ordo service, the priest is leading the people in worshipping themselves. The “god within”, who is really only an expression of the collective self-consiousness. Only the “subject” is sovreign in the New Religion—objective forms change and evolve. (As a side note, the reporter got many facts wrong. The process of regularizing the 1962 Missal began earnestly with JPII ( “Ecclesia Dei Adflicta”) as an antidote to the success and challenge of Archbishop Lefebvre. It was something the Vatican felt constrained to do, not a sincere act of reexamination of the liturgical revolution.)

  5. The feedback I get is most people prefer the norm the ordinary form of celebrating the Eucharist. People really don’t understand Latin,” said Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, Catholic Diocese of Beaumont.
    Knowing Latin is not necessary when attending the Latin Mass. One may follow along in English (as I did in the 1950’s and 1960’s.) from a prayer book that is supplied by the parish. Additionally, the prayers are far richer and more abundant than the beautiful prayers said at the ordinary form.
    Just this winter, I was invited to attend a Latin Mass at a parish in our city. It was an overwhelmingly, beautiful, spiritual experience. I frequented the Latin (High Mass) during the winter, spring and summer of 2013. In that short span of time, two new Seminarians and two young women were called to the Religious Life from that parish! I witnessed this!
    The High Mass at this parish is augmented with approximately 10 young men altar boys. Each altar boy has approximately 6 to 10 siblings (along with parents) in attendance at The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    Our Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is being renewed in the pews of St. Michael the Archangel Parish and I have the Overwhelming Joy of witnessing the renewal.

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