George Weigel “Celebrates” the Kingship of Christ on EWTN – EPIC FAIL!

On a nearby thread, Tom posted another indication of the timeless wit and urbane wisdom of none other than the inestimably dense George Weigel, America’s morbidly mashed theological answer to Monty Python…

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2 comments on “George Weigel “Celebrates” the Kingship of Christ on EWTN – EPIC FAIL!

  1. I think that George’s comments are entirely reasonable–although wrong.

    Some of tradition is very easy to understand (e.g., that if Christ talked about hell as a real possibility, then the Popes should as well).

    But other parts of tradition are counter-intuitive: in the same way that it is counter-intuitive–although entirely correct–that artificial birth control leads to MORE–not less–abortion. Claiming that artificial birth control would result in less abortions was reasonable in the same way as Weigle’s comment: you have to look at, and understand, the deeper issues and reality.

    I think that for most of us, the entry wedge into understanding the Kingship of Christ was the acceptance that it is impossible that the Church was made up of idiots prior to Vatican II: so there had to be SOME wisdom to it. And as we looked at it more, we finally came to understand that it is practical and necessary despite our Western biases and assumptions.

    But it is very difficult to explain…and impossible to explain briefly. In fact, I suspect that it is the LAST thing that most traditional Catholics come to understand about tradition.

  2. The most dangerous aspect of insanity is its absolute sense of logic.

    As both Aristotle and Aquinas taught, the tiniest deviation from the parallel at the beginning must end in an infinite separation.

    The political neocon and the NeoCatholic alike forget, like the Isaraelites when Moses ascended to receive the Ten Commandments, the primacy of true worship itself. In no time, they’re patting one another on the back for the “new, improved” wisdom of their hand-wrought golden calves: liberte, equalite, fraternite!

    Weigel would have been doing pamphlets for Robespierre. Although, I must confess, I don’t know if the banjo was known in 18th Century France. He’d most likely have had to content himself with a gourd-bodied Spanish guitar or a lute.

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