Note to Adoro Te

Thank you!

I tried to email a response through the AQ system and that did not work, either.

Please contact Tim, one of our fearless, peerless moderators. I will send him the info for contacting me. I am honored by your request.

Oh, and Semper Fi!


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4 comments on “Note to Adoro Te

  1. I got the info from Tim. Thank you to Tim and you from me and my mom.
    I keep having trouble with the PM saying I have exceeded something or other, but I don’t have anything in there. Strange.

    From my dad Semper Fi !

  2. Tell your Dad I had the privilege two years ago, this coming Thanksgiving, of visiting Camp Pendleton to have dinner with the Number One USMC officer of the year. He and his wife had several “orphan” Marine families over since they could not get back home for dinner, due to duty scheduling, with their families.

    I never felt so well protected in my life. I also visited Camp Lejeune years back and had a tour of an artillery company (they discouraged my firing off a few rounds, of course) and lunch in the Officers’ Club.

    The stuff little guys dream of, even when they’re all grown up!

    Glad we could work out the communications issue. Tell your Dad to keep an eye on the salmon runs around Silver Creek and especially the Canadaway Creek outlet south of Dunkirk. My Dad and I took some 25 and 35 pounders out of there, just wading out into Lake Erie. It was like hooking a nuclear attack sub!

  3. I’ve passed along your message, but he’ll have to have his nephews and such keep an eye out as he and Mom live in Phoenix these days.

    Have you read this article before?

    It’s about the military and West Point, but I’m wondering what your thoughts are on it. We have a couple of young men from Phoenix currently in the Corps, but the current state of things is worrisome. One of these young men will be joining the Benedictines in Silver City when they have room. (They have about 100 on the waiting list the last time I checked!)

  4. Oops! I forgot that. I’ve a good friend who’s a crack shot, a brilliant Trad and an avid coyote hunter in the Phoenix area, so I may see if SHE is interested in guiding a group of Marines and friends on an expedition! She should have been a Marine, too! A great soul, she! In fact, I met a terrific collector/hunter a couple months ago from Phoenix area, too.

    I did read that article some time back and was shocked.

    Checked it with my military contacts and it checks out, sadly.

    There are some very savvy vets on this forum (I’m not a vet, btw, just a huge fan). It would be more useful if they were to comment.

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