Martyrology-October 15th
Roman Martyrology-October 15th- on this date in various years-

At Avila in Spain, the virgin St. Teresa, mother and mistress of the Brothers and Sisters of the Carmelite Order of the Strict Observance.

At Cracow in Poland, St. Hedwig, duchess of Poland, who devoted herself to the service of the poor, and was renowned for miracles. She was inscribed among the saints by Pope Clement IV. Her feast is celebrated on the following day.

At Rome, on the Aurelian Way, St. Fortunatus, martyr.

In Prussia, St. Bruno, bishop of the Ruthenians and martyr. While preaching the Gospel in that region he was arrested by impious men, his hands and feet were cut off, and he was then beheaded.

At Cologne, the birthday of three hundred holy marytrs, who met their trials in the persecution of Maximian.

At Carthage, St. Agileus, martyr, on whose birthday St. Augustine delivered a discourse to the people concerning him.

At Lyons in France, St. Antiochus, bishop, who enetered the heavenly kingdom after having courageously fulfilled the duties of the high station to which he had been called.

At Treves, St. Severus, bishop and confessor.

At Strasbourg, St. Aurelia, virgin.

In Germany, St. Thecla, abbess and virgin. She governed the convents of Kitzingen and Ochsenfurt, and departed to heaven filled with merits.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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