Greek Catholic archbishop suspected of sexual harassment

Greek Catholic archbishop suspected of sexual harassment

Published: 10.09.13, 17:46 / Israel News

Police question Elias Chacour, head of Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Israel, over lewd acts he allegedly committed five years ago

Eli Senyor Published: 10.09.13, 22:03 / Israel News

Elias Chacour, the archbishop of Akko, Haifa, Nazareth and all of Galilee of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church is suspected of sexually harassing a woman who works in the community he heads, Ynet learned on Wednesday.

Earlier this week Chacour was questioned under caution for a number of hours. He was released on bail under restricting conditions.

According to the police, the incident in question took place some five years ago and they are not aware of any others.

The woman filed the compliant some two years ago, but due to the suspect’s status, various law enforcement agencies had to give their authorization before an investigation was launched.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein approved the investigation against Chacour, which is headed by Israel Police’s National Fraud Unit. The archbishop reportedly cooperated with the investigators but has denied the allegations. The investigators, however, found the complainant’s version to be credible.

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2 comments on “Greek Catholic archbishop suspected of sexual harassment

  1. Let us not jump to conclusions about this allegation. Bishop Elias has been a zealous advocate for the rights of his Palestinian Melkite Catholic people and a thorn in the side of the Israeli authorities since his ordination. The Israelis wold welcome the opportunity to neutralize him.

    • Agreed, gheg. Agreed.

      Some here may recall the infamous incident in Buffalo, NY a year ago last January when a priest I knew was hit with a battery of false charges (both the police officers and the DA stated that the “victim” was lying and there was zero evidence for any of her claims). The priest, an exemplary pastor for nearly 25 years at one of the two parishes in the whole diocese that offered a regular Sunday Latin Mass, was offed to the nether regions in an instant and never given a chance to even say goodbye to the countless friends and admirers, let alone defend himself.

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