More “Sayings of Chairman Jorge”: “Radical Reformulation” is a MUST!?!?

Francis continues his correspondence with Eugenio Scalfari, founder of Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. At the centre of this exchange are the existential and geographical peripheries. Francis says “the Church does not grow through proselytism but through witness”

Giacomo Galeazzi

Vatican City

Pope Francis is continuing the dialogue he began with founder of Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Eugenio Scalfari, last September. Francis said the one “defect” the Curia has is that it is “too Vatican-centred”. He suggested following in the footsteps of the Second Vatican Council and announced his decision “to look to the future with a modern spirit and to be open to modern culture.”

“Being open to modernity is a duty”. Bergoglio met Scalfari in the Vatican and discussed his plans for Church reform.

Today Francis begins a series of meetings with his advisory Council of Cardinals, which will run until Thursday. Francis officially established the Council with a chirograph issued yesterday. “Catholics who are involved in politics have the values of religion within them but they also have a mature conscience and ability to enact them.”

“The Church will never exceed its task of expressing and spreading its values, at least while I am here,” Francis promised, in answer to a question about the efforts of Catholics. “Political institutions are secular by definition and work independently. All of my predecessors have said this, for many years now at least, even though the emphasis may have been on different aspects. Politics is the first among all civil actions and its field of action is different to that of religion,” Francis stressed.

“We’re also going to talk about the role of women in the Church, I should remind you that the Church is female,” Francis told Scalfari at the end of what looks like the first of other interviews -with La Repubblica’s founder – to come. In the letter he addressed to Scalfari on 4 September, the Pope discussed some important doctrinal issues. “I would not speak of an “absolute” doctrinal truth, even to believers. Absoluteness implies detachment, being free of any relationship. According to the Christian faith, the truth is God’s love for us through Jesus Christ.”

So truth is a relationship! Each of us grasps the truth and expresses it in their own way, based on their history and culture, the context in which we live etc. That does not mean that the truth is changeable and subjective, on the contrary. It means that it presents itself to us exclusively in the form of a path and of life.”

Didn’t Jesus himself say: “I am the way and the truth and the life”? In other words, since truth is love, it requires humility and openness so that it can be sought, welcomed and expressed.”

“We need to be clear on the meaning of these terms and perhaps radically reformulate the question in order to prevent contradictions.” The Pope thinks “this is absolutely necessary in order to begin that peaceful and constructive dialogue I mentioned at the start.”

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11 comments on “More “Sayings of Chairman Jorge”: “Radical Reformulation” is a MUST!?!?

  1. One thousand, nine hundred years + of divinely-guided precision, balance and accuracy up in smoke…

    Kung may cancel his appointment with Kevorkian after he reads this!

  2. One wonders at what point such statements might not be sufficiently heretical to trigger a latae sententiae excommunication.

  3. So truth is a relationship! Each of us grasps the truth and expresses it in their own way, based on their history and culture, the context in which we live etc.

    Phenomenal! But this is Ratzinger, too. From his book In the Beginning…A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall where he denies Original Sin:

    “Human beings are relational, and they possess their lives – themselves – only by way of relationship. I alone am not myself, but only in and with you am I myself. To be truly a human being means to be related in love, to be of and for.”

    Pope Francis is John Paul II and Benedict XVI, only he is shedding the veneer of orthodoxy.

  4. It’s time, my friends. It’s time…

  5. First Pic

    ks for Female Cardinals…Ahhhhhreeeeeeeebaaaaaaaa Ondalay!!!

    • If women can fight as Cristeros, I guess they can play in a Mariachi band. By the way, please, if you can’t spell Spanish words, don’t use them. It is dismissive and offensive.

      • My Nephew’s wife is very Spanish born and raised in Guatamala. She just adores me and I adore and have nothing but the ultimate respect for her. My mispronunciation of the spanish language or misspellings has always been hillarious to her as a spanish teacher. She thinks I’m cute. Obviously it appears to be your issue…deal with it.

  6. Sorta like some Argentinian Jesuit referring to devout Catholics as “hardheaded Pelagians”?

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