VERITAS PODCAST: Libertas Parts 5 – 7


VERITAS PODCAST:  Libertas Parts 5 – 7


Libertas Part 5


In this episode we examine Libertas paragraphs 13 and 15. We discuss how Liberals are those who want to ignore the sovereignty of God and subsequently act as though they are their own gods. In society this plays out to be the “will of the people.” Because God is not the reference to look to for any question, the majority of the people become the decision makers. Pope Leo describes the separation of God and society as “repugnant.” The ultimate consequence of this is the lowering of laws and standards to meet man’s desires of the will. Instead of raising our standards to God’s law, we ignore God’s laws and bring the standards to how we are behaving. This is how bad behavior is eventually labeled as “good.”



Libertas Part 6


In this episode we discuss paragraph 17. We talk about the Divine Positive Law as a way of knowing truth. The Divine Positive Law is that part of God’s Eternal Law that covers revealed. Liberals from time to time accept some of the Natural Law (reason) but refuse to accept Divine Law. We also discuss how revelation is Morally Necessary, according to Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange. Our discourse on paragraph 18 focuses on Leo’s treatment of the “separation of Church and State” fallacy. So-called pro-choice politicians who are “personally” pro-life are given as examples. Leo said that those who are in authority owe it to the commonwealth to “consult the welfare of men’s souls in the wisdom of their legislation.” Rob eloquently gives some of the roots of this idea of the state not paying heed to the Church’s wisdom when he discussed Martin Luther’s heresies. Luther taught that there is an invisible church, and “Between the Christian and the ruler, a profound separation must be made” and “Assuredly, a prince can be a Christian, but it is not as a Christian that he ought to govern.”



Libertas Part 7


We continue our discussion about the duties of all men to accept the authority and law of God. This includes individual members of the government and the government as a whole. We discuss some of the dangers of this not happening and we gave a specific example of this in the words of a former Nazi Hitler Youth. The rise of Nazism is the same a as the rise of Godlessness. When the state separates itself from the Church there is no more authority to reference to settle disputes or help formulate laws. Laws will eventually become more debased as time goes on.



After listening to Part 7, some may want to listen to the complete interview given by Hilmar Von Campe referenced in the podcast.  That interview can be found here:

Hilmar Von Campe Interview — Former Hitler Youth Warns Of U.S. Nazi Future (Full Length)



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