A Thank You To Adoro Te (and AT’s Mom!)

That was very kind of each of you, my friend.

A very helpful and informative article, indeed.

Thank you!

PS: My PM gizmo does NOT work here on AQ. I can receive but cannot send out PMs. Even St. Elmo was kind enough to offer a suggestion but nothing is working.

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3 comments on “A Thank You To Adoro Te (and AT’s Mom!)

  1. I had the sane problem about a year ago.

    What is the error message?

  2. Here’s an update gpm.


    The diocese needs to find its Catholicity fast!

    Incidentally, my family’s from the German and Irish Catholics on the south side (i.e. LakeView, Dunkirk, Hamburg, West Seneca, etc.)

    And you’re welcome for the news from both me and my mom.

    • I’m South Buffalo (Mineral Springs Rd.) Irish on my mother’s side (St. Teresa’s ) and German Lutheran on my dad’s (Kaisertown, near Scharf’s, if that is still open) . He converted at age 81 and lived an exemplary Catholic life until last year when he passed away.

      Oh, the diocese? They stopped being Catholic a lonnnnnnnngggg time ago.

      Btw, I spent much time visiting most of the towns you mention, back in the day, and did some fantastic salmon fishing for years out of Dunkirk harbor.

      Beautiful country. I miss it.

      Thank you again! (If you want my email, PM Tim, our moderator. It’s a whole lot easier that posting here.)

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