Diocese of Cleveland recruits African missionary to be pastor at Latin Mass Parish

Diocese of Cleveland recruits African missionary to be pastor at Latin Mass Parish

by Juanita

The Bishop of Cleveland recruited a non-diocesan African Missionary priest, who specializes in an “African Liturgy” to replace a priest who was offering many opportunities to attend the Latin Tridentine Mass at his Parish. Father Franz had reached retirement age and requested to remain on as pastor at the historic German Parish of St. Stephen’s. Besides having the Traditional Latin Mass offered almost daily, St. Stephen’s also had a German Mass once a month and the opportunity for confession in German. This Church was constructed by German immigrants and is one of the most beautiful and unique Traditional Catholic Churches in the country. Bishop Lennon declined Father Franz’ request and instead recruited a native African, from an African Missionary order, to replace Father Franz. The African missionary and his cohorts in the US had been serving at local hospitals as chaplains.

This is an advertisement that appeared at the Diocesan website as of a couple of days ago regarding the African missionary:

“The Diocesan African Catholic Community invites you to celebrate the Faith of Africa at an African liturgy at St. Colman Parish on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

The celebrant will be the Reverend Caroli Borromeo Shao, AJ. All are welcome to attend. Those attending the liturgy will be enriched with traditional music and song. Immediately following the liturgy, there will be a reception with traditional foods of Africa. St. Colman Parish is located at 2027 West 65th Street in Cleveland.” This is all taken directly from the Diocesan Website.”

Needless to say, the pastor at St. Coleman’s mentioned here, Father Begin, has been a radical left-leaning political figure since the 1960s.

The priest mentioned here, Father Shao, is the new pastor at the historically German, Traditional, Latin Mass Community Parish.

I’m not sure what an “African Liturgy,” entails, one can only speculate. I’m quite certain drums, dancing, possibly spears and corn (although corn is not grown in Africa, they use it at Quanza, so why not) are involved somewhere. In any case, I’m quite positive that it is not one of the accepted Rites of the Catholic Church.

Can there be any doubt that the intention here is to undermine the Latin Mass in Cleveland?

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  1. The Latin Mass is still being celebrated there regularly. Fr. Franz was not the priest who regularly celebrated the Latin Mass, it was, and continues to be Fr. Bede Kotlinski, O.S.B.

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