So Just How Much Do “Big Name Professional Catholics” Earn?

Karl Keating?

“Jimmuh” Akin?

Raymond Arroyo?

Doug Keck?

Al Kresta?

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7 comments on “So Just How Much Do “Big Name Professional Catholics” Earn?


    St. Michael
    Protect him
    This man

    His status,
    For Christ
    Away flung.

    Only the brave
    Have guts
    So to
    Speak –

    We think
    It sounds harsh
    Because men
    Are so weak.

    The proud –
    The few –
    This Catholic

    He’s keen –
    He’s lean –
    Church Militant

  2. Ok his salary is officially listed as $40K a year. Big hairy deal!
    And how much is spent on the dime of Church Militant for his wardrobe, travel, hotels and food while on the road, and the lovely Lenten “Retreat at Sea” which will again be brought to you by way of CHURCHMILITANT.TV and Father Z in September 2014. I could go into more of what I’ve found out about La Voris and his silent partner Marc Brammer who is the finacial brains behind the works but it makes me ill to talk about it, and really there is no point as if you are in the camp of the grenade tossing LaVoris there is always an excuse for him as he enflames the hearts of followers by traveling the world airing out everyone’s else’s dirty laundry.

    The one point he made is valid…the world and human race is fallen and “Everyone” is subject to the corruption without exception. One must work to save their own soul and the souls of those they encounter in life. One must remember the Parable…It’s difficult t remove the beam from your neighbor’s eye when you can’t see for the boulder in your own.

  3. I’m afraid Catholic Answers deserves its financial crisis.

    A couple of times I joined Catholic Answers blogs to argue the case for examining the Theory of Evolution more carefully. Instead of reasoned consideration I found myself attacked by militant evolutionists who attempted to squash me with ridicule.

    Not once did the moderator intervene. I simply had to give up.

    Then I entered one of their blogs and talked about how God’s judgement may come down on America and other Western countries because they are abandoning God’s laws.
    The reaction was incredible. I was told that God was a merciful God and my suggestion was utterly uncharitable and preposterous. God would never send judgement on America.

    Again, the moderator said nothing, in spite of the numerous passages of Scripture that tell us how God will judge His people and will chastise those who reject His laws.

    I finally realised, that for all its protestation of orthodoxy, Catholic Answers was far more interested in popularity than truth. It kept telling those who joined its website how many people were signed on and how big it was. It kept appealing for money to keep this “wonderful” growth going.

    Instead of clear teaching of the Faith Catholic Answers seems to rely on the theory that in all the blogs that appear on their website – ranging from downright anti Catholic diatribes, to misinformed nonsense, to possibly correct comments – somehow the Catholic Faith might actually shine through.

    Now, thanks to Micahel Voris, I have some idea of where the donations to Catholic Answers are going. With such a large group of leaders earning such magnificent salaries I am amazed that there is any money left for the work of teaching the Faith.

  4. Catholic Answers has alienated countless people on their blogs–especially traditional Catholics.

    And then there is the larger issue: which way forward? We can’t agree, and the issue is of vital importance.

    As to the salaries, I’m not particularly worried about them–although if they are going broke, that is a consideration. The point that Voris is making seems to be that those who speak the truth about betrayal in the hierarchy suffer consequences, while those that don’t can afford decent salaries (although far less than such dynamic people could have made in the private sector).

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