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This video is from some christian sources.But it is a must see. One of the things that I found interesting (:30:21) was in talking about a book
“The Naked Communist” in that book there were a list of Goals. Goal # 27 was to infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “Social Religion”, discredit the bible. Also they supported feminism and sought to promote homosexuality.
According to the documentary they have achieved most of their goals.
My question is if it were proven that the Communist have infiltrated the church that the schools and churches are directly or indirectly implementing their policies what recourse is there if there is no response from our bishops or Rome?
Today when I hear the Bishops or even the Pope speak they sound to be very close to socialism. Most Catholics approve of birth control, IVF, same sex marriage and redistribution of wealth by social justice programs that the government is promoting.
Remember Bella Dodd. If the Feminization of the Liturgy the homosexual infiltration of the priesthood, the social justice theme of the church were brought about by this agenda yet there is no written heresy, what course would there be available to people?
Also Vat2 was the first time the church did not condemn communism

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