Meaness at a Funeral or was it?

So… a close relative just passed away this week, Please pray for him.

And then the messages started to come in from the Novus sector: Messages of ‘At least he is no longer suffering now that he is in Heaven.” Messages like “He’s now at peace.” “He’s watching over us.” “At least he doesn’t suffer any longer.” “Pray for the family left behind, not the one who died because he is now in a better place….?” I was also informed that the funeral service is to be a ‘Resurrection mass of celebration.” From their perspective these were words of kindness full of heart felt human sentiments devoid of anything unpleasant. How could they know that they cut me to the heart with pains unimaginable by their statements?

Now this all reminded me of the story in Scripture of when Our Lord had just finished telling Peter & the other Apostles that ‘Christ would have to go to Jerusalem, Suffer tortures, and be killed, and then in three days, rise.’ and what was Peter’s response to this news? Well Peter responded in like with heartfelt human sentiments: ‘Oh no! May that not happen to you!!! ?’ I mean what better sentiments could Peter have said then to say ‘we don’t want you to be tortured and die… May that never, ever, happen?” Can anyone think of any better sentiments? Those are not Peters exact words but they are his meanings. He meant what he thought was good.

But just what did Our Lord reply to Peter’s fine words? The Lord said: “GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN, YOU ARE THINKING LIKE MEN THINK, NOT LIKE GOD THINKS!”

Our Lord called Peter Satan. Satan, not something milder but an extreme statement of displeasure. How would any one of us feel if Jesus said to our face “Get thee behind me Satan”?

Is God against human sentiments? The answer is yes emphatically God is. The reason is because “Men’s ways are not God’s ways.” It is not that God is an Ogre or sadistic, it is that mankind is so warped after the fall that human sentiments although they may SEEM correct to people… (Especially in this present day generation} are in fact satanic by comparison to God’s ways. Satanic, as in ‘self-centered’ rather than ‘fiat, self-denying -God centered.’ When we read in Sacred writings that “there is a way that “seems” right to a man but that way leads to perdition” That ‘way” is the way of human sentiments being that guide rather than the way of unchanging Divinely Revealed dogmas & traditional practices being our guide. The practice of Human Sentimentality is the very imbuements run amuck in Novus circles today.

To prove this examines the comments to me about my relative who just died and what the Traditional Church teaches that are God’s views on the very same topic. The Church teaches, in way of Dogma even, that there is a Heaven, a Hell, and a Purgatory. Even in the Old Testament we can read that ‘it is a good and holy work to pray for the dead.’ If the dead were permanently dead then there would be no need to pray for them. Also, if all the dead went straight up to Heaven by virtue of the pains of having died then too there would be no need to pray for them. Similarly, to the Novus friends who said that we no longer need to pray for the dead but only the living they reject the very existence of Purgatory and the works of mercy to pray for them there.

Those sentiments given to me, although given with good intentions, are heresy & anathemas. There is a Purgatory, there is a judgment, and there is the possibility of Hell. These pretended ‘good sentiments’ actually are bitterly harmful … leaving the soul who went to purgatory at best suffering without anyone to pray for them in their purgation’s.

They call me the mean one because I bring up the topic of Purgatory Etc. They call all Trads the cruel hearted and say the Novus are more Christ like because they don’t talk about uncomfortable subjects like the 4 last things. They ask me why can’t we trads get along and be ‘diversified’ and not make other faiths feel bad? They say to me that I disrupt the ‘family’ of the Church, and the peace of others who morn for the dead. They never say the word ‘dead’ by the way, it is now termed ‘fallen asleep’ or ‘Gone to Our Lord’ or ‘resurrected’ and the like.

So I ask which is meaner?: To deny God’s revealed truth that there is a Purgatory and risk multitudes going to HELL in favor of HUMAN SENTIMENTS that make people feel better to hear? Or to try and save souls from errors that can lead souls to Hell. Is it without mercy to plead for more prayers for the loved ones in purgatory who are now suffer greater torments than when they were dying?

Did any Martyr what so ever favor the generation in which they lived and go along with pleasing the crowds opinions or did they stick to the Traditional teachings of Christ no matter how disliked those saying are?

Now many of you on Angelqueen know at least from the old server my true stories that I died and was sent back and that I am going on 4 separate times now that I have had the blessings by God of personal tours through Purgatory. I know it exists. I have zero doubt of Purgatory’s reality. Purgatory and the afterlife are facts. Many of those who gave words of human kindness were raised in the truth but have since abandoned it in favor of these more pleasant modern day ‘everybody-get-a-longs’ beliefs.

On the opposite extreme is a very few outspoken embittered Trads (not the majority of trads) who are so filled by fears and open wounds from modernist destructions that they have lost mercy, forgiveness, peace, patience, kindness, and the other fruits of the Holy Spirit. Those fruits prove they are Catholic at heart or not. Now about those types of trad people I can agree with the Novus that they are bitter by their examples. They have become pharacees of self-righteousness. They practice the Straining of the nat and swallowing of the camels. They make laws of things like ‘Two fingers and never four’ rather than guidelines. They have made blue jeans a mortal sin. Where is such a dogma???? Instead we are to practice: “In Dogmas constancy, in non-Dogmas liberty, in all things Charity!” If it is not a Dogma then It…is not… a Dogma. So, Without the virtues being practiced, and not just preached about, They are deceiving themselves, not only are they not Catholic other than in outside appearances only, they are actually raising and creating anti Catholics in the people they are rigorous around and even in their own children by getting people to hate Traditional Catholicism because they are over rigorous … lacking in mercy. Being over rigorous embitters other people against the true Faith. Christ has no associations with the over rigorous then or now. Of all the people in this world who should be the most merciful, the most forgiving, the most generous turn the other cheek types, We Trads should be. We have the real Sacraments… that others don’t have. We have Confessions, we have Saint after Saint giving us examples of self-sacrificing Charity & forgiveness. Shoot, the over Rigorous Trads are not even kind to their own. All that rigorousity is no different than any other human sentiments being preached these days. It is not of ‘ how God thinks.’

It is ‘ the middle of the road that is best’ and it is merciful to say so. It is God’s ways of Virtue or the highway to hell regardless of if even Rome preaches universality with the world. If anyone wants to be loving they must preach Christ’s doctrines and not human sentiments as the only means to salvation. Hell is full of those who followed their own intentions. Sin is what is against God. Sin is not what is against man’s sentiments as new laws would have us believe. The worship of human sentiments over Divine Revelation is the single greatest evil in the world today… and it is the source of the destruction of the Church along with the heresy that truth is somehow evolutionary –[ but this is contrary to the fact that God does not Change! He is the same today, yesterday and forever. It is impossible that truth can change because God does not change and by definition God is truth. All that is Divinely revealed is about Him who cannot change.] sorry, side tracked.

Who will be there to pray the people out of purgatory sufferings if no one will speak of it out of a some false sense of kindness? It is loving and kindness to be mindful of the souls in purgatory.

I have personally witnessed Purgatory. It is a good and Holy work to pray for the dead. It is a good and kind thing to Preach Traditional God revealed facts that human sentiments can’t comprehend. It is idolatry to worship human sentiments over God’s ways. We are more loving to the masses to risk our necks warning them of these facts then they are to us warning us to shut up or else people will be displeased with us. If the Church listened to each generation then all the Martyrs who would not bend to their generation’s false human sentiments would be declared by the Church as heretics and not the Church declared Saints which they really are for not bending to their generational pier pressures.

“Being Diverse” is utter meanness and a humanistic anti Christ sentiment that leads souls to hell. There is a lot of diversity in Hell and only the singularity of Jesus Christ in Heaven.

There is a way that seems right to mankind but that path leads to perdition- it leads to hell. That way is the worship of human sentient over Divine Revelations. The way of ‘only if it sounds good to me then it must be true’, But Only God can say what truth is.

To those afraid of Cross carrying they should read St Louis de Monfortes ‘True friends of the Cross’

At a Requiem Mass, every blessing is given to the soul that passed way to help them to heaven and out of purgatory. . At a resurrection celebration service… it is not so.

Spare me the human platitudes, they are vicious and mean and they a very, very dangerous to everyone who practices them.

Purgatory is real.
Thank God that it is.

“Christ did not esteem equality with God something to be grasped at…”
That is what human sentiments are… they are a grasping to be a self appointed god over what truth is by what sounds good to their own ears.

God is truth. No one, not even the Pope, not even the whole Church, not even all of Heaven, and certainly no mere generation can change that because truth is what God is and God does not change. Revelations are revealed by God about Himself who can never change.

Truth by definition is contrary and opposite of evolution. Truth always remains the same or else it was never true to begin with. Truth can be greater understood over time but that greater understanding is always in the way of the unchangability of the facts.

Human sentiments change with the wind, with every generation, with every whim of every man, even more so over time within communities… that is why we need the stability of God’s unchanging truths.

That is why I am Traditional.

Nothing else is kind. Nothing else is true.

The difference is: I know what human sentiments really are.

I’d rather listen to Christ.

Sorry if you have suffered a modernist funeral lately. Pray for that poor soul. Who else will? Who will be left to pray for us when it is our turn?

sorry this was so long. i was hurt. plz pray for me.


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  1. This is from The Onion, right? Nobody is really so shallow and caught up in himself that he “mourns” over scenery.

  2. I am convinced that one of Satan’s horrible triumphs is that he has convinced so many millions that Purgatory is an antiquated concept. Thus he harms those who are in Purgatory the only way he can, by insuring that hardly anyone is here now to intercede for them and shorten their time of expiation there. May Our Lord have mercy and grant an ever greater effiency to the prayers of those who haven’t forgotten them!

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