Comic Relief! “Saint” Ted Kennedy?

Worth a look for some gut-busting laughs!

( But don’t forget, since commie-symps – theoretically – are not beyond redemption, to say one for the bastard, anyway…. )

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5 comments on “Comic Relief! “Saint” Ted Kennedy?

  1. I’m getting one of these for the dashboard of my Oldsmobile:

    • Don’t forget to attach his inspiring slogan: “Meminisse non possum.”

      • I will never forget (unlike Ted-O) that tape Rush replayed so many times it finally wore out. It had EMK (Ted-O) giving a stump winder for some fellow Politburo member out running for governor and the Hyannis gasmaster got up and told the assembled droogles and potheads…

        “An’ remembuh, aftuh you elect (insert KGB candidate’s name here) gov-uh-naaw and re-elect ol’ Kennedy, we’ll…. FLOXAHOOBANUMBAHONDAFRAMMAREVOY!”

        Catchy, ain’t it?

        I think both the CIA and NSA had some of their top linguists work with that tape and not a one of ’em could figure out what the hell Kennedy had said!

  2. If smiling is allowed in Hell, he is.

  3. Please! Don´t give them ideas! Otherwise, we’ll wake up one day hearing the news that the cause for Teddy´s canonization has overcome all of the hurdles. Please!

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