“Spastic Dancers” Goin’ Broke! EEEWWWTN’s CAF in Deep $$$ Doodoo!

Guess Kaptain Karl’s “Death to Trads” Karnival Kruise is taking on some serious, serious water…

No prob, though. Just redeploy up the Pacific Coast Highway to the Crystal Cathedral, start speaking in tongues ( live and on the air! ) and, presto, change-o! they’ll be back in clover.

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2 comments on ““Spastic Dancers” Goin’ Broke! EEEWWWTN’s CAF in Deep $$$ Doodoo!

  1. Poor Jimmy. Can’t even afford a shave and a haircut with his reduction in salary. Maybe we can take up a collection and sen him a flobie? And a gym membership.

  2. Quo, I just called some pals down the road at the Marine Recruiting Depot. I told them po’ ol’ Jimmuh Akin’ (he seems incapable of pronouncing the “g” in most words) really needed a trim and a little “tough love” to speed him on his way to recovery from his addiction to conciliar legal positivism.

    They said, they’re open ’til 6 every night…

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