Putin winning hearts and minds against Euro-No. American wimps!

[Many similar things could be said about the has-been theological Marxists running sunny Nova Roma today, as well. One note, I understand Mr. Warner to be a Latin Mass attendee in the UK….]

‘I NEVER thought I would live to say this, but I find myself agreeing more with Vladimir Putin than with any of the Western leaders…” “We need a Putin…”

Such are the sentiments that are beginning to appear with increasing frequency on the Anglophone internet.

They mark a rising surge of discontent with the failed leaderships and institutions of Europe and North America and a corresponding esteem for the strongman president of the Russian Federation.

It would be easy to shrug off such grumbling with clichés about “democracy” and the suggestion that the grumblers, if they were ever to experience the Russian governmental system, would not be so keen to live under it. For easy, read “facile”; for we have now reached such a pitch of disillusionment with and contempt for the Euro-American political class that there is a serious prospect of its mass rejection. All it would take would be a major financial catastrophe to precipitate a revolution in western politics. Only apathy keeps the Camerons and Obamas in power; one economic tsunami would not only unseat them but also dissolve the discredited model of parliamentary pseudo-democracy that has sustained scoundrels and fools in office for too long.

There is a new public mood and it is gaining ground due to the online exchange of discontent. The new-found admiration for Putin is rooted in an appreciation of the contrast he presents to the politically correct wimps running the European Union and the United States. Last week’s G8 photographs said it all. The posturing “statesmen” who had been ordered by PR advisers to take off their ties in a pathetic effort to appear “relevant” – a bunch of dads dancing at the school disco – invited the mockery and contempt they duly received. Putin went along with the charade; but when it came to the substance – the demand for his endorsement of the Obama/Cameron/Hollande ambition to arm al-Qaeda in Syria – the response was an uncompromising, Molotov-style “Nyet!”

No wonder the British public wished its own leaders would speak for its interests instead of the Russian president. Everyone knows Putin is a former KGB officer and that he is ruthless in dealing with his enemies. Yet such reservations are receding from the consciousness of many in the West as they observe the spectacle of a leader who has a realistic understanding of his country’s interests and no hesitation in pursuing them; who makes war on Islamists rather than lavishing taxpayers’ money on them; who is maintaining the third largest defence budget in the world rather than traitorously dismantling his nation’s armed forces.


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2 comments on “Putin winning hearts and minds against Euro-No. American wimps!

  1. “…NOBODY has him figured out completely.”

    Really? His military holds war games simulating a nuclear attack on the U.S. where he personally sits at the controls launching the attack. He states that the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the universe is the breakup of the Soviet Union and reconstituting it is his ambition. His political enemies wind up in jail and annoying journalists wind up dead.

    How much is left to figure out?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s worse than any Democrat.

    • Well, you know furrin’ policy types, St. Elmo. Most of ’em went along with FDR on Stalin, back in the day.

      All I can say is his strongest critics ( including a rather rambling book by the reporter lady that never made it off an elevator alive ) would agree with everything you say while his more cautionary semi-supporters see him as the strong man on a horse, the type the Russian psyche is most attuned to, who is trying to clean up the rot left behind by his former Soviet paymasters.

      For myself, I see only China and the ragheads as “nuclear threats” to the US or any of our so-called “allies”. If anything, Putin is light years ahead in political savvy compared to anyone at all that ever ran the USSR. I’m not saying he’s a genius, just a workman at accomplishing specific goals. His resentment, if it really is that, against the USA was most inflamed by Bush II dissing and ignoring him when he actually offered substantial help and concessions to us right after 9/11 and was told by the WH to go sit on it.

      From what I have read, he wants to get an actual manufacturing and export economy up and running, despite intense resistance and corruption. He see the current oil/gas export bonanza as a useful tool to maintain Russian influence in Europe but also sees it as “easy money” which is highly susceptible to manipulation and graft – not a long term solution by any means.

      What he most wants is respect for Russia as an emerging modern state.

      And, if you watch any of his speeches the last few years in European state and economic circles, his critique of US/NATO stumbling around in the Caucasus is an issue, yes, but more an indication of the imperialistic hubris Bush made national policy.

      I don’t think he’s going to be able to check off everything on his “to do” list to save the Rodina from itself. But I am pretty convinced that Bush and now this latest jackass have pretty much put paid to any meaningful chance for a better US-Russia relationship.

      And, frankly, that is a very big mistake for the US to have made.

      Putin’s concern about China, despite trade deals and joint exercises, is rooted in demographics. He’s got 10 Chinamen on the Mongolian frontier for every Russian or affiliated-nationality there, living under Russian law, currently. And he’s simply too informed to not know that nothing whatsoever has changed in the nuclear chess game since 1989.

      MAD is still operative.

      And he’s still a young, vigorous and very, very wealthy man.

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