12th Sun. Readings vrs re-Incarnation practices

A reiki master once tried to convert me away from Catholicism into the dangerous theories of the stages of reincarnation. These stages, so I was told, “are warned never to be taught all at once to the novice unless the novice should reject them as a whole” (…see them for what they really are, they should have said.)

These stages of re incarnation are diametrically opposed to today’s Readings in Which we hear in Luke 10: “Thou shalt love the Lord with thy whole heart, with thy whole soul, and with thy strength, and with all thy mind …” What I want you to notice here is the different parts of a person that are to be involved in loving God and to what extent. It is on purpose that Scriptures breaks it down into Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength and not just say ‘totally love God’ and leave it at that. The delinations are very, very important. To understand why I shall show you re incarnation theory and its goals in comparison to Catholic viewpoints.

Don’t worry after I show you this there will be no danger of believing in re incarnation ever again.

Like I said re incarnation is only to be taught in stages so many who profess they believe in it just have not benn instructed of the final stages.

1st stage is play off of people’s natural fear of death. And then tell them that there is a hope against the fear of death that you will not die but you will be re incarnated. Once the novice has swallowed that apple the next stage is to tell them that they don’t always get to come back as they were, as a human, but if you were a bad human in your human life then in the next re incarnation cycle you will come back as a cow. If you were a bad cow in your cow cycle then you come back as a dog, cat, mouse, spider, fly… but if you were a good fly in your fly cycle then you move up the ladder to spider, mouse, cat, dog, cow, and finally human. That is why they are against the eating of beef because it may well be a relative re incarnated that you eat in that cow.

Now in the third stage of conversion to re incarnation of a novice is a total bate and switch of beliefs. Remember that they started with a fear of death and countered with a hope of being re incarnated, now they tell the novice at this stage that re incarnation is bad and not a hope at all, that it is worse than eternal death. They say that at every stage of eternal re incarnation cycles there is suffering. Whether it is the fly getting eaten by a spider or a cow getting eaten by a man or even at the very top of the food chain so as to speak in the human re incarnation cycle there is suffering in mankind’s life so they tell the novice that re incarnation is actually not a hope at all but a “cycle of eternal sufferings” over and over and over again, Which Sounds worse than death to be feared.

The 4th stage is to tell the convert that there is another hope which is the state of nirvana. Now nirvana is not the stage of going to Heaven at all. Nirvana is the state of being freed from the re incarnation cycle of suffering. How do you do that? By getting a ‘spirit guide’ to take over your reincarnation cycle for you. These spirit guides are not the Angels as they claim but are the fallen angels (demons) because the Angels of God know that to be with the soul in a body is reserved to God alone in the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit in Confirmation ect. Angels never enter anyone’s bodies to take them over. Christians call such a spiritual takeovers a “Demonic possession.”

Yes the goal of re incarnation theory is to the state of nirvana (demonic possessions) by spirit guides. Bet you were not told that from the start?

So how does this relate to today’s readings? Ask them how do you get to nirvana. The answer is to practice eastern religion meditations like centering prayer. It was explained like this (the part they got right): Humans are both body & soul and not just one nor just the other. So our bodies then have the ability to take commands from our spiritual souls. If the soul suspends its control of its own body then the body is still a conduit for spiritual control. I was told about the eastern monks who sit on rows of benches facing the walls, each staring at a dot painted on the wall in front of them. They are instructed to become one with the dot to reach the state of nirvana so that spirit guide may take over their earthly shells. A master with a stick silently walks, patrols, behind them and hits them occasionally with the stick if the master thinks that they are not becoming one with their dots, if they by chance are day dreaming, or letting their minds wonder and think about anything other than blankness, oneness with the dot. There are numerous other methods to nirvana. Drugs, sweat hot houses, sensory deprivation tanks, and yes centering prayer meditations. All of which have in common some form of blanking/opening up be it heart blanking or mind blanking or soul blanking or of strength blanking like sleep deprivation induced visions.

See it now? Catholic prayer is turned on …towards God. Nirvana practices are “opened up, and something or every power of the soul turned off-blanked out.”

If blindness is to be feared how much more is total body coma imprisonment by demonic possession? If being lame is to be feared or convulsions than how much more being trapped inside your own body in a state of nirvana with some other spirit controlling your body against your will?

It is easy never to become possessed, Just stay in the State of Sanctifying Grace. Get God inside you instead by Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation etc… .

When you meditate and pray do it with all your mind, heart, soul, & strength “turned on” towards God. It is not just a safety… it is the Great Commandment to do so. Don’t be lead astray by false beliefs. “There is only one name under Heaven by which anyone can be saved.” Traditional Catholicism is the only way.


Just once again I’m out barking at the wolves that are out trying to get the Sheep away from The Shepherd!

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