Mystery priest

Was the mystery priest Padre Pio?

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10 comments on “Mystery priest

  1. I believe the sketch drawing looks like Archbishop Lefebvre.

  2. The video with the police officer says the sketch doesn’t look like the priest but maybe it was the archbishop. Wouldn’t that be something.

  3. The officer on seen said the priest looked older then the one in the sketch.
    When I first heard the story I immediately thought of Padre Pio, but as soon as I saw the sketch it was only the good Archbishop I could think of. It also sounds as that he was wearing a pectoral cross.

  4. Someone said he looked like Walter Matthau.

    Don Bosco

    Father Edward Sorin, C.S.C. (Notre Dame founder, 1814–1893)

    Bishop John Hughes

    St. Ignatius

    St. Isaac Jogues

  5. Fr. Jacques Marquette, S.J.

    Fr. William Bowdern , S.J. (St. Louis, 1897-1983)

    Father Rufino Niccacci

    Padre Pio

    St. John Neumann

    St. Thomas Garnet (1575-1607)

  6. St. Peter Chanel (1803 – 1841)

  7. Father Patrick Dowling (Diocese of Jefferson County, Missouri)

  8. Not to be confused with

    Father Francis Mulcahy, S.J

  9. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    St. John of the Cross, one. Over-enthused Catholics – zero.

    Kudos to Fr. Dowling for a job well done and prayers for the young lady’s recovery.

    Now, I’ll get back to checking out my pancakes for an image of JP II…

  10. There have been apparitions of saints and dead priests or lay Catholics before, but what would have been the greater miracle in today’s church, the apparition of an angel priest who vanishes or a living orthodox priest from Ireland showing up at a crash scene in Missouri to pray and administer sacraments?
    You’re lucky if you find that at a modernist parish in AmChurch these days.
    People tell me they have trouble getting modernist parish priests to come for hospital visits for the dying (and I live in a major archdiocese).

    Quote: “He affirmed that it was in the normal duties of a priest, “except that there was something extraordinary it sounds like, in the sequence of events that coincided in time with the Anointing.”

    “You must remember, there were many people praying there, many, many people … and they were all praying obviously for healing and for her safety.”

    “I was probably part of the answer to their prayers, I came by and Anointed and absolved, (but) I didn’t say another word … I did not say anything like the machinery would begin to work or they would succeed in getting her out of the car.”

    “That did not come from my lips, though two people heard it.”

    Fr. Dowling was driving by Center while on his way from having said Mass in Ewing. A native of Ireland, Fr. Dowling was ordained a priest for the Jefferson City diocese in 1982. He has served at several parishes in the diocese, as well as its two mission parishes in Peru.

    Fr. Dowling currently serves in prison ministry and serves the Spanish-speaking population of the Diocese of Jefferson City.”

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