OK, then, ‘splain deees one, Lucy!

Here’s a link to a “luminary” ( at least I’d heard some say he was ) bashing Trads up one side and down the other in an FSSP sermon.

And here’s a couple of responses, from another forum…

1. ” This sermon strikes me as first, myopic and second contrived.

Gnostic? No. Trads are not gnostic and don’t claim secret knowledge. The whole point of being traditionalist Catholicism is that it’s not secret. It’s right there and people ignore it.

Impurity worse than the Novus Ordo? 1) how does he know it? 2) It could very well be that there is a bigger problem with Novus Ordo confessions. Most people don’t confess what they don’t believe is a sin.

Isolationists? “The Church is there to change the world.” Funny, I thought its primary goal was to get souls to Heaven.

Trads drive people away more than they attract? Why is it trads fault? Why isn’t it the fact that the truth is seen by people looking at trads and they turn away?

There are always some kooks in every mix, but I’m at diocesan churches very often watching what’s going on. I can blend as I ever did when I’m in confession lines.

The people at the SSPX chapel are generally nicer, better mannered and have as varied opinions as Diocesan TLM-goers. But they tend towards being better educated in the faith.

It’s the Novus Ordo people that reflect the ignorance and rigidity of their superiors and their intolerance of manners, decorum and lack of ability to integrate what they supposedly believe with their public actions.

Grace flows downward? Running down bishops is bad because bishops run down the perennial teaching of the Church? Notice how “bad mouthing” is not “defending” the Church?

And I think the “reading of the latest book” while “not doing any spiritual reading” is hokum.

I wonder if he spent 6 months in a parish saying the Novus Ordo without any permission to change anything towards tradition, how he’d feel about “problems in tradland.”

It seems to me that Fr. wants “50s” Catholicism, good looking externals and a go along to get along attitude that the “good” world accepts. It’s a fantasy that cannot be achieved in this combative age. The closer we get to persecution and chastisement the less and less realistic are these “slow, convert by example and holiness and niceness”

Anyone wonder what he thinks of Archbishop Dolan’s behaviors and actions?”

2. ” I don’t know a single Trad that thinks they have secret knowledge. Unless by secret knowledge he means having read the Cathecism of the Catholic Church at least once and some understanding of Fatima. That is about as far as their secret knowledge goes.

Most pew warming Catholics in newchurch here in the UK could not tell you the Ten Commandments. Very few would know the seven corporal works of mercy. Many could not describe how Christ was present in the Eucharist. In fact they would either not believe it, or think it was wacky to believe He was there body. blood, soul and divinity.

Frankly that makes their faith a joke. How anyone can call themselves a Christian and not know the ten commandments unless they are mentally retarded I cannot understand. But most don’t. If you don’t believe me conduct a straw poll. The level of ignorance will surprise you.

All of the Trads I know, just think that the old ways of living were better than the bullshit we have to put up with today where the only sin left is not being “happy”. “

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15 comments on “OK, then, ‘splain deees one, Lucy!

  1. Fr. R seemed to use a VERY broad brush and, albeit unintentionally no doubt, smeared a lot of folks to whom his harsh remarks most certainly did not apply.

    I concede his concern re. excessive negativity in CERTAIN quarters but it does not comport with the greater number of traditionalists I have been most pleased to know.

    As for the Sixth Commandment issue, I found his characterization shocking and in no way consistent with the personalities, manifest modesty and moral rectitude of 99% of the traditionalists I have met and who are friends. I think it was a reckless statement on Fr. R’s part. If he was referring to adolescents, which he did not seem to be – exclusively, that would be one thing. But it certainly, from my vantage, can not be true at all as it concerns serious adult traditionalists.

    • gpm,

      ALL Catholics need sermons bringing them back to reality and helping them to realize that they sin and they need to confess their sins.

      I have known tons of trads in many, many states. Some seem very good, others seem to think they are ‘saved’ because they are a trad. They act as if being a trad makes everything good. They ‘know’ doctrine, they can tell you what is wrong with VII, but they don’t live very good personbal lives. These people may not be the majority, but there ARE more than a few of these.

      And, there are those who outwardly appear to be living a good life that later it comes out they were not. I have seen that happen too.

      So, I would not question the priest. I am sure some of this is exaggerated to move people in the right direction but there is much truth in it too. And, I will note that I have heard other trad priests (including SSPX priests) say similiar things and some have commented (in a general manner) that we would be surprised at the sins he hears in confession.

      The priests are the ones who hear the confessions. They know what is really going on. We do not. Trads have the same sins as everyone else – yes, some cheat on their spouses, some are addicted to pornography, some don’t pay their bills and cheat people, some do ponzi schemes, some are alcoholics, some do drugs, some neglect their families, some cuss, and some do much graver sins that I won’t even repeat here.

      Those in the NO may have an excuse, but trads really do not. These behaviors from trads are actually much graver and more serious. All the more reason for Father to go after trads in a much harsher and stronger way. Keep that in mind.

  2. “Every catholic priest should remain silent on any issue related to sex. Whether it be premarital sex, contraception, homosexuality, abortion, anything even remotely related to sex, we should expect all priests to shut up. And shut up for a very long time.”

    says a Mr. “Roderick Goggenheimer” on his Facebook page. Could this be our troll?

    • Sounds like something written by a person who participates in one or more of the specified activities; my guess would be #3. He would presumably prefer that priests also not oppose adultery, polygamy, rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia. Wow. That is a bit more “open-minded” than even most other liberals. He sounds… Episcopalian!

  3. Absolutely untrue, contrary to decent order and proper decorum, offensive to pious ears and mere inflammatory gobbledygook, Rod-o!

    I have absolutely NO idea in which century the Chicago Cubs will EVER win a World Series!

    : – )

  4. And these are cute, too, St. Elmo:

    “Americans are in the process of being relegated to 3rd world status, where they belong.”

    Roderick Goggenheimer


    November 3, 2011.

    “Long live Mother Russia.”

    So, way I figure, he’s probably Ed Snowden and has a lot of time on his hands.

  5. Rod: Is this criticism, or praise? I ask this because it sounds like criticism, but as you have just done the same thing that you seem to be criticizing, it’s unclear as to whether you really regard it as bad. Or, is this one of those many things for liberals (Modernists, leftists, etc.) that are only wrong when other people do them?

  6. Good grief. America doesn’t have a special corner on sinful practices. The transnationals who run gov’t sponsored cartels, and our gov support for population control are evils. But Russia!? The communist empire that exterminated tens of millions? And China, and various hell holes around the world that exterminate millions — but America is the bad boy?

    What about the good that America does? We feed a good portion of the world and have elevated the standard of living for millions, actually billions. Now communist Obama wants to “spread the wealth,” which will slow down the production engine that feeds millions, and a multitude will go back to eating dirt. But at least the American capitalist pigs will get their comeuppance, and you and Barry and the bishops will feel better.

    Rod, you don’t know one of the rules this list had since the beginning: no sedevacantists. The ban is enforced to the point that the word is often replaced with *bleep*. If you want to throw accusations around, find another place. But learn more before you get all ramped up with your highbrow anathemas.

  7. We have worked long …

    We?? You support the schismatic Russian sect, but have the nerve to disparage Catholics who desire the ancient Mass?

    Everyone here prays the Holy Rosary for the conversion of Russia, just as Our Lady ordered at Fatima. We hope that Pope Francis performs the consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart so that Russia will be converted and there will begin a time of peace. In the meantime, however, Pope Francis is yet following the Vatican Council that was convened under the evil precondition that Communism not be condemned, an agreement between Pope John XXIII and the Russian KGB (Orthodox) clergy.

    BTW, are the Russian bishops no longer in cahoots with the government?

  8. Cyprian, IF Rod-o IS the same FB poster who uses the same name, he lives in St. Petersburg and “LIKES” ALL OF THE BUTCHERS OF THE COMMIE PANTHEON.

    And if he ain’t, well, that two sentient creatures could come up with that same moniker does stretch the laws of probability, but I guess it’s possible.

    I haven’t ruled out that he’s Ed the twenty-something-traitor Snowden, either. A few Putin cocktails and he may be “operating while impaired”, for all we know.

    Well, I’ll ask politely….

    Расскажите нам, товарищ. Кто вы?

    • “…that two sentient creatures could come up with that same moniker does stretch the laws of probability, but I guess it’s possible.”

      Rod erick Goggenheimer says,
      “His name is my name too”
      Whenever he goes out
      The people always shout
      There goes Rod erick Goggenheimer II

  9. Oh, and Rod, nobody I know ’round here thinks other than that Bergoglio got hisself elected by the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Democrat Party, so he da man.

    Which, of course, is also da problem!

    Видите ли, сейчас?

  10. That razor sharp intellect is dulling, rod ol’ chap.

    Quit wasting your time and ours with puerile accusations. A bad Pope is a Pope as surely as arsenic will kill you.

  11. More straw men than a scarecrow convention. Utterly useless blathering.

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