“Who am I to judge?” cartoon

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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4 comments on ““Who am I to judge?” cartoon

  1. Bingo. Great cartoon. That’s exactly what the pope accomplished, despite what the neocats and militant fags say.

  2. my liberal, supportive-of-gay-pride-parade, agnostic, “problem drinker” son loves his saying this, all happy and I-told-you-so and “Mom, this is a great pope- thisis how you’ll get young people in the church! ”

    I can’t cringe enough over this Pope. Just want to roll up in a little ball of embarrassment.

  3. Francis does seem to be doing his best to make that second question not so obviously rhetorical.

    I saw a couple of clerics (Fr. Fessio and a bishop whose name I don’t recall) on EWTN tonight trying to spin his words into orthodoxy. One even tried to draw a parallel with the old Conciliarist canard of “Vatican II vs. a false ‘spirit’ of Vatican II”, saying that the media is trying to create a “spirit of Francis”. The thing is, he’s been a bishop — and these days, let’s face it; that means at least somewhat of a politician — for too long to not know how the media would report what he said, and yet he gave them exactly what they wanted from him. If this was an accident, then he’s not well suited for the office in these times; if not, he’s unfit in any age.

    I was hoping that finally having a pope who was not a participant at Vatican II would free him of the emotional attachment to that monumental mistake; however, I think I failed to consider the effect of having someone whose entire formation was done by these Conciliarists. At least the previous few popes had some lingering memories of how the Church used to be, and even had some feeling that things had gone wrong, even if pride prevented their seeing (or admitting) the root cause — Francis’ Church seems to have been founded in 1963.

  4. Rehab-ing a conciliarist is about as easy and fun as convincing a leopard to go vegan.

    The toxins just get into their thinking apparati and congeal like dental plaque.

    There usually isn’t the time or enough mental floss in the world to reverse the theological equivalent of periodontitis.

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