Crowd at Pope Francis Mass In Brazil

“Brazilian researchers say the Roman Catholic Church’s estimate of the crowd that turned out to see Pope Francis celebrate Mass on Copacabana beach is inflated, if still impressive.

The Vatican says 3.7 million people turned out last Sunday to see the Pope in Rio…But one of Brazil’s top polling and research firms says it would be physically impossible to cram that many people into the area where the crowd was gathered. The firm estimates the crowd at the Mass was at most 1.5 million people, which it called a generous estimate.”

Gosh. And I was so sure 3.7 million people were there…

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I am a convert living in central Florida, attending an independent traditional Catholic Church in Orlando. Converted in 2001. Immediately felt vocation, which really I had felt for years before but world got in the way of converting. I was 54 at the time. Searched 15 years for place to live vocation, expensive and painful, much travelling. . Now 70. No real trad order or convent for older women. I get it in a way, but in a way don't get it. Still working on my hurt and how "unfair" it is, but I'll get over it. I guess. I guess I'm supposed to be a hermit-like person. My church 43 miles one way, and I can't always drive there on I-4. Mass including the drive is a 5- hour thing, per the traffic and getting there on time. Look, this sounds self-pity, but really I'm just trying to adjust to being "old". Which I don't feel....Anyway, there are NO trad Catholics nearby. So I read and meditate and watch some homilies online and so on. It's going to be OK. I'm trying to let go of worldly promises and material things, as well as my desires and demands, hear only HIs voice. Please pray for me, as I for you.

2 comments on “Crowd at Pope Francis Mass In Brazil

  1. Contrast the secularity posing as spirituality at WYD with the DEVOUT Catholic youngsters that annually attend the Chartres Pilgrimage each year.


    Extensive swimming, frolicking, wooohoooo-ing in the sin capital of SA.

    Extensive intersex mingling, including overnight.

    Pathetic and even offensive rock/pop crapola music 24/7

    Finale: Nervous Ordeal protestantized “mass” on an infamous beach on an impromptu Star Trek-style stage.


    Extensive hiking (a religious pilgrimage!) in all kinds of inclement weather.

    Sexes totally separated for overnight rest.

    French boy and girl scouts lead chants and traditional French religious songs.

    Finale; TLM at the Chartres Cathedral, the most magnificent cathedral in the world.

  2. Apparently, Jorge had Louis Farrakhan do the initial count.

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