Not SInful, Michael ? 2

Again Michael, you speak of things such as alter girls, protestant hymns, applause at Mass, chatting at Mass, Communion in the hand, the Tabernacle being shoved off in a corner, nuns not in habits and priests offering Mass in just an alb and a stole as “not sinful.” In all charity, you are wrong. We are commanded to know, love and serve God and we are commanded to give Him due reverence and worship. All of the aforementioned are opposed to that command, therefore they ARE SINFUL. Now not every individual involved is guilty of SIN, but there is objectively SIN involved. The culpability is assigned by God alone. We are also commanded to FLEE occasions of sin and to not do so is SINFUL. You mentioned that Gregorian chant is a Catholic marker that brings reverence. If it is suppressed and replaced with banal music, that IS SINFUL behavior. You stated that to not wear a scapular or to not pray a rosary is not a sin, technically you are correct. But if one has knowledge that these practices are most efficatious to obtaining salvation and they still “blow them off”, that is rejecting God’s graces and IS SINFUL.

You are correct in that small t stuff safeguards big T stuff and are mostly correct in that the so-called neo-cons believe the dogmas, but many of them do not believe in Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salis. This is due to their adhearance to Vatican 2 errors. Also, Neo-cons and many “trads” are infected with americanism and buy into the condemned error of “religious liberty.” Your last 2 Vortexes have show quite clearly that the Novus Ordo is the ultimate little t and big T killer as it is not purely Catholic as is the Traditional Mass and through that crack the smoke of Satan has entered in. All one has to do is see the “fruits” of 43 years of the Novus Ordo and know that they should run for the hills of Tradition. Pray for the true conversion of Neo-cons and “soft trads.”

From: ChurchMilitant.TV
To: tim
Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2013 6:52 PM
Subject: Thunder on the Right

Dear Friend in Christ,

The war going on among so-called conservative Catholics will determine the future of the Church in the west. Please watch this episode of the Vortex and pass it to your family and friends.

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,
Michael Voris
~senior executive producer at ChurchMilitant.TV
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10 comments on “Not SInful, Michael ? 2

  1. Tim, kudos for the courteous and patient attempts at fraternal correction with Brother Voris. You have much more patience than I can muster.

    • Ditto.

      Which is why I’m so grateful Tim prays for me. Were it Voris, instead, I’m quite sure it would only get a hearing a few centuries down the line, long after the Work In Progress inventory backlog gets updated and all the expired petitions from Rotarians, the granola mob and UFO fanatics have been examined and either shredded or put onto the “Top 100 Most Baffling Pleas From the 21st Century” list.

  2. Who among us has tried to educate MV?

    His heart is in the right place. With a little more information, it shouldnt be that hard to get his mind to follow.

  3. St. Elmo, a confidential but deeply informed source told me some time ago that Voris picked up an Opie Dopie partner with big $$$ in the fairly recent past.

    That, I think, may explain much. At least, concerning the new wardrobes, extensive travels, etc.

    He may only go so far. No further.

    Now, of course, that info could be incorrect or incomplete. If so, Voris may have just started to pick up a lot of new subscribers to fund ops. It’s still a free economy, at least on paper. I don’t doubt the sincerity and the hard work behind his effort.

    All I know for sure is his organization has consistently blackballed the SSPX as schismatic and, so far, that hasn’t changed.

    We have E. Michael Jones out there. There’s other highly capable NO-adherents who blast away and have been doing so for decades without ever once thinking of expressing conviction in the Traditionalist argument.

    ‘Tis a mystery to me to this day.

    Whether Voris would accept a delegation of Trads for a two day summit to really go over the issues, I have no idea. But your idea is worth a try.

    The man has fans. He gets quoted all over Trad sites despite his position.

  4. It sounds hypocritical to be for Mr. Voris to call the SSPX schismatic, when his self-appointed “apostolate” seems to have no ecclesial approval. My point being to Mr. Voris, either have official approval for your program or in all fairness do not call the SSPX schismatic.

  5. “The man has fans. He gets quoted all over Trad sites despite his position.”

    The support he receives from rank and file sspx’ers, whom he calls schismatic, probably makes the devil laugh. It just makes me irritated.

    • I understand your concern of “supporting” him despite his sometimes contractory positions. I subscribe so I can “keep an eye on things”. Call it the reconisance budget. I also read the diocean newpaper locally, not for edification, mind you, but for the same purpose. As a former VG of my diocese once said, “it is good to know what the enemy is up to. I don’t condsider Mr. Voris an enemy, just a potential ally who still doesn’t get it entirely. I have seen progress with him over time. The SSPX will be a hard hurdle for him because he has gotten cozy with the “mainstream” neo-con and “soft trad” media. He claims to be barely scraping by financially and yet is a globe trotter like JPII. I don’t buy it. Money pouring in can be an anesthetic to action and Truth. Pray for Mr. Voris and his staff….his cute little news girl could use some education on modesty(not on the news, but in cameo shots her dresses are WAY too short and in one she is dawning very tight blue jeans,)….in her defense she is most likely a product of the neo-con worldview and modesty is not even on their radar screen. Simon Rafe is quite concerning in my correspondances that we have had….slick and liberal. Again, I think all of these people have the potential to embrace Truth and Tradition, but it will take time and GRACE….much like my sinful self.

  6. Quo, one of the Trads I most rely on as a sounding board and source has had a number of discussions with me over the years about this very problem…

    “Good men”… supporting a contaminated agenda…. anathematizing hardcore Trads.

    Well, that sort ( the Vorises, the Joneses, etc. ) have a few things in common. They’re bright and loquacious. And… they know how to attract and hold an audience.

    I was even a reasonably close friend of one of the “founding fathers” of the “conservative Catholic” movement back in the day. He, like Voris and Jones, wrote books and articles and was internationally known, too.

    But he would only go so far and when he kept defending the liceity of Paulo Sesto’s “new you-know-what-they-call-it”, well, it was sayonara time for me.

    I will be surprised if Voris ever turns Trad.

    There’s no $$$ in it ( unless you’re in the Society’s managerial superstructure, like being its pro-Israeli lawyer, from what I’ve seen ).

    And, in the publishing and broadcasting precincts of laity-created “evangelization”, that pretty much makes Traditionalism a non-starter as far as business models go.

    It may not always come down ultimately to the Benjamins, but it often does.

    I’d be happy to be wrong about all that, of course. But I think it’s not very much in question that neither Henry Ford nor Colonel Sanders got rich appealing to 0.001 per cent of the marketplace.

  7. I agree with you G– Voris makes his living sitting on his high horse in the comfort of Communion taking pot shots at the Hierarchy and the Traditionalists who are actively hit by flak in the trenches. Some of that flak flung by Voris himself.

  8. Says the pot to the kettle! :)

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