Not Sinful, Michael?

Not sinful???….I beg to differ. These things you speak of are scandalous to the true faithful and to the mind-numbed folks who are “cool” with the travesties of the Novus Ordo culture they are re-enforcements of their twisted and unCatholic mindsets and behaviors. They are not reverent and we are REQUIRED to give God due reverence….therefore these acts ARE sinful….period…case closed. “Alter girls” are a “frog in the boiling water pot” scheme to make the faithful comfortable with future woman’s ordination. “Eucharistic terrorists” are a design to(quite successfully) get people to stress the need for more laity “participation” and downplay the sacred role of the priesthood. That IS sinful. Communion in the hand is a design to destroy belief in the Real Presence and that IS sinful. Singing protestant hymns risks the introduction of their heresies subtly into the minds of the faithful and that IS sinful.(for example the EXCELLENT Vortex you did on “Amazing Grace a couple of years ago.) The list could go on for ever potentially, but you’re a smart guy Michael and I think you can work with these. (Preview) Michael, go back and listen to YOURSELF and retract this silly notion that what went on in Rio and other scandals are “not necessarily sinful”. This is a new production that has been sent to you: It is called Michael Voris vs. Michael Voris.
From: ChurchMilitant.TV
To: tim
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 7:42 PM
Subject: The Power of the Sign

Dear Friend in Christ,

Signs and symbols have great power within themselves. Please watch this episode of the Vortex and pass it to your family and friends.

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,
Michael Voris
~senior executive producer at ChurchMilitant.TV
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6 comments on “Not Sinful, Michael?

  1. Michael is defending traditional Catholics in this episode. He is not the enemy.

    For something to fall into the theological definition of “sin,” it must be a deliberate choice. For example, few Catholics who receive in the hand do so with the conscious, deliberate intention of denying nor seeking to destroy belief in the Real Presence. They could pass a polygraph concerning that. When God searches their hearts at judgement, I do not believe that He will see that intention there.

    The MOTIVE of many people for doing many objectionable things is obedience to authority: that’s why they do it. Not to spit in the Face of Our Lord.

    There are many things that are foolish and destructive to the faith that may not be a “sin” in many very specific, individual cases.

    Again, Michael Voris is not our enemy here.

    • Catholics are FORCED to make a choice about that which should be in complete harmony: (current) authority, and tradition (i.e., past authority).

      I typically disagree with those who choose the side of (current) authority, but if they are orthodox, I do not claim that they are consciously, knowingly, and deliberately seeking to destroy Christ’s Church. I do not claim that they are acting with malice and hatred towards our Lord…even when it appears that that is the practical effect of their actions. In short, I do not claim that they are sinning in the literal, technical, and precise sense of the word.

      • I don’t blame the laity as much as I blame the hierarchy on the abuses and lack of reverence in the liturgy. I attend the old rite to avoid the scandals I see in the new rite. I will stick to the old rite no matter what happens in the current situation. We have a right to that Mass and I intend to support it no matter what because of the reverence and beauty it has. The laity were shoved into these changes in the sixties, I saw it all as I am 75. The priests forced all this junk on the people and they were too ignorant to withstand all this. Over time, people began to wake up but were too afraid to confront the clergy on it. It took an archbishop to rise up for the old rite. As a result, we now have approved groups celebrating the beautiful Mass of all ages. No, it is not the laity, it is those in authority in the church who inforced all the banal abuses in the Mass.

    • I never said that Michael is an enemy. I also never claimed that each INDIVIDUAL in each of these case was guilty of sin. I said that these are SINFUL….and that is so. Someone(authority or laity or both) in each case has culpability ranging from venial to mortal(only God can sort all that out) and to say that these acts that rob God of the reverence and proper worship due Him IS sinful. Even if the priest giving communion in the hand to a clueless Catholic(an oxymoron, mind you, as we are all required to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God) was clueless himself, there is stil sin involved in the past by the authorities in the past that knew better and started these practices anyway. That is why I used the term sinful as I have niether the ability nor the authority to asssign culpability to individuals. You are incorrect on that sin has to be a “deliberate choice”. Many venial sins are spur of the moment human weakness without a shred of forethought put into them. Being “forced” is a cop-out as even in my Novus Ordo days I would often kneel for Communion and would refrain from receiving from the Chalice. No one can force any Catholic to attend the Novus Ordo circus. There are many Traditional Latin Masses around and Byzantine Divine Liturgies as alternatives. To my knowledge, no one is “forced” to have their daughter be an “alter girl”. Yes motive is the key(which is why NFP is diabolical) but even with that factored in there is still culpability for sin somewhere in the spectrum as God is not bound by time.

  2. Exactly, mordancy.


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