Goodbye “good” men? And THOSE would be, Yer Excellency?



Quotes which I gather to be from EWTN’s Fr. Trigilio on his encounters with sodomites in seminary.

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2 comments on “Goodbye “good” men? And THOSE would be, Yer Excellency?

  1. The prosecution rests, Your Honor.

    Were they not schismatic heretics, I’d be sorely tempted to make my way to the nearest Orthodox congregation this Sunday. Note, I merely said “WOULD be tempted.”

    However, I am not.

    I am Catholic by the grace of God.

    I made my first confession in many years, upon returning to the practice of the Faith, decades back, to Bp. Trautman.

    I went to high school with his nephew, now a brilliant physician in NYC.

    The bishop’s sister, a religious, was considered one of the two most influential educators in the Diocese of Buffalo at that time.

    I worked professionally on two occasions with the bishop’s brother, a leading architect in the Northeast.

    The Trautman family, like only two others I knew from my youth, was singularly gifted, intellectually.

    Deus meus, misericordia.

    The comment the pope popped off about the other day, concerning how the “pelagians” (sic!) were intent on things now long forgotten by modern culture, contains a tragic note of irony: It’s the truth.

    One thinks of the prophecy of Caiphas.

    I hope, from Heaven, Fr. Felix Sarda y Sylvani is obtaining a cure for liberalism in our hierarchs. And may it come quickly.

  2. The best thing about all this is that it’s opening the eyes of the “conservatives” in the church, the trads knew all this was going on for decades

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