Simple Jorge Places Jersey and Beach Ball from Brazil on Altar at Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome!

July 29, 2013. ( Pope Francis is back in Rome. After leading World Youth Day 2013 in Rio Brazil, with nearly 3 million pilgrims, Pope Francis is now at the Vatican.

Upon arrival, the Pope went to the Basilica of St. Mary Major, to pray before Our Lady. As a gift, he left a green sports jersey and a beach ball, at her feet, both items directly brought from Rio, Brazil.

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4 comments on “Simple Jorge Places Jersey and Beach Ball from Brazil on Altar at Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome!

  1. The story behind the picture of the Pope and the ball?


    “While the papal entourage made its way through the picturesque Quinta de Boa Vista park, a nine year old boy wearing a Seleçao soccer jersey, jumped the hurdles and made his way through to the white jeep, where he was received affectionately by Pope Francis, and whispered in the Pontiff’s ear: “I have a very important message for you…I want to become a priest.”

    At this point the Pope, visibly moved, clutched him to his chest and told the boy. “Your dream begins to fulfill today. I will pray for you, but you must pray for me.

    With trembling legs and his hands over his face, full of emotion and excitement, the young boy returned to his father, happy and even more proud of his son for this unique moment.
    — with Edward Edulan Galope, Pamela Vitancor Galope, Charles Cardinal Lavigerie, Chris Nunez and Helen Dalisay Recampo.”

    I’ll keep the little fella’s hopes in my prayers, along with my prayers for the Pope.

  2. No matter what, that crap has no place on the altar. And if that kid intends to become a “priest” like his hero Jorge, I’m praying for him to be a shoe salesman instead.

    • Duly noted. Rightly stated. No argument.

      It was kinda late. I had a cold. What can I say?

      • I’m just a pushover for a cute little kid story, dang it!

        Okay, time to retool and man up….

        “Okay, what’s Mueller’s take on the FFI flap? I need quotes and I need ’em now! What’s going on in the DiNoia sector? I need comments from our HUMINT sources! And what the **** is Koch telling his buddies at the Shalom temple? Let’s get moving people! …”

        ( Phew! That feels better already! )

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