Pope Chris Matthews

Will the Next Pope Finally Proclaim “The Theology of Chris Matthews’ Body?”

By John White

The world waits, breathless…

So the Pope [Benedict XVI] announces his resignation, and before we even have all the details, Chris Matthews is on MSNBC squealing rabidly about how maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, the next Pope will finally modernize the Catholic Church.

Not surprisingly, for Matthews this means that the new Pope really ought to re-visit Humane Vitae if he has the “courage, spirituality and the vision to take it on.” Humanae Vitae, Matthews reminds us, was the 1968 encyclical in which Pope Paul VI “made birth control a sin.”

Leaving aside the astoundingly childish understanding of sin and who “makes” it, this kind of ho-hum predictability from the Catholic Left is getting to the point where it’s comical.

Enter the clown:

When the pope came out and made birth control a sin, and stuck to that policy, even in this age we live in now, they lost a lot of people. . . . Marriage isn’t about having sex a few times, and having a few kids, and that’s the end of it. It’s about a loving, physical relationship for years, until death, and sex is a big part of that. . . . So I would say Humanae has to be expanded, has to be refined, and I would like to see a pope do that.

Thank you Mr. Matthews, that was beautiful. Unfortunately, not only have you been outsmarted by a series of old single guys with names like Montini, Wojtyla, and Ratzinger – you’ve also been outclassed. Respect for the dignity of the human person might sound a little old-fashioned to you, but it’s a heck of a lot classier than demanding instant satisfaction with no accountability every time you get that old thrill up your leg.

Sorry Chris, I know it’s tough to be taken seriously as a committed Catholic and an outspoken Leftist at the same time. Heck, you work hard to be taken seriously at all.

But keep trying – the popes can’t keep ignoring you forever.

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  1. They just do get Him when He explains “I am”, “I am who am”, “I am He who is”.

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