disciples of the cenacle

My friend did go to visit them- they are in Italy, near Rome. I forget the exact name of the town but it is online somewhere. She said there are around 15-17 women, between the ages of 18-70’s. They are very devout (full habit of course) and say the traditional office and daily traditonal mass. Their main language is Italian, though they have nuns from other countries who are learning Italian.Some of them rotate to a nearby SSPX seminary where they do housework and such. I did not get any other specific apostolate from her other than SISINONO, which is not a big part of what they do. They follow the rules of poverty. From what she said I would rate them as semi-cloistered; wtih old-style rules about contact wtih relatives and such, however, they apparently are not rigid about that, but I am guessing about that. My friend did not have access to a computer the whole time, though she did not ask either.

They do take older women (by that I mean over 50) and excellent health is not required. Other than that, one must research on one’s own.

As for her, she decided not to enter. But she thought they were “wonderful” people.

Dose anyone here know anything about the Briggitine SErvitores in Tyler Texas? Connectedt to FSSP

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