Questions on Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine

Does anyone have any information on the Bacterial Meningitis?

What are the pros/cons?

Are there any health concerns with this vaccine?

Is it safe?

Are there any moral issues with this vaccine?


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One comment on “Questions on Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine

  1. Checking at there is no use of fetal tissue, as with rubella, chicken pox, polio, and more.

    You can Google to learn about the rarity of the disease, vaccine failure, and vaccine injury, and decide for yourself.

    We don’t vaccinate our kids. The lies of the vaccine establishment, their use of murdered babies, pharma’s “immunity” from liability, vaccine failure, and very real injury cases led us to this. E.g., for lies on polio, search for articles by or about Dr. Herbert Ratner, a good Catholic doctor, who exposed the coverup of the failed polio vaccine trials in the 50’s ( has articles).

    For safer alternatives, search for articles by Dr. Fred Klenner, who cured 60 cases of polio in the late 40’s using large intravenous doses of Vitamin C. He had cures of tetanus and viral meningitis, but I didn’t see bacterial meningitis listed. The value of C for many diseases, though, is in prevention and in countering sepsis.

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