Lefebvrists chide pope over visit to immigrant island


Lefebvrists chide pope over visit to immigrant island

‘Against centuries of defending Italy from Muslim invasion’

16 July, 17:31

(ANSA) – Rome, July 16 – The Italian chapter of the Catholic traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) condemned Pope Francis on Tuesday for visiting immigrants and refugees on the island of Lampedusa. In a statement, the Lefebvrist breakaway group criticized the pope for going against centuries of Church efforts to “preserve Catholicism” in the face of the “Mohammedan invasion,” recalling “popes, among whom many saints, who armed fleets to stop the (armed, of course) Muslims in Italy”. Last week Francis chose Lampedusa, an island off the coast of Sicily, as the destination for his first official trip as pope, drawing attention to the plight of thousands who cross the Mediterranean – and the many who die in the process – each year trying to immigrate through Italy.

SSPX said the visit reflected the influence of a “Masonic plot to create a multi-cultural society”.

SSPX broke away from the Church over theological differences stemming from the changes it adopted with the Second Vatican Council of some 45 years ago.

The Vatican is currently engaged in a process aimed at formally reuniting the group with the Catholic Church.

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7 comments on “Lefebvrists chide pope over visit to immigrant island

  1. Caldwell also, let me add, attributes the head-long leap into free immigration to the machinations of an ‘elite,’ just as SSPX here attributes it to the Masons, and this is specifically to counter the notion spread abroad that ‘it just happened,’ which is what European liberals say by way of explanation (typical! same as their explanation for creation itself!). Certainly it has clearly benefited a small percentage of the population, just as here 3% have benefitted from our own economic crisis.

  2. If the Church or even this here bishop of Rome who’s so ‘umble he can’t bring hisself to publicly acknowledge his own office – unless it involves ecumaniacalism or bashing Catholics of that oh–so-not-PC Pelagian, foolish hard headed variety – wants to raise a few $$$ and buy some property and put up facilities to shelter illegals TEMPORARILY and until the Italian government decides how to humanely repatriate them, fine.

    Short of that, this is nothing more than more agitprop for the Left, as per usual.

    Nations have every right to decide on the orderly admission of LEGAL immigrants, consistent with the legitimate needs, culture and resources of each nation.

    In the meantime, sunny Nova Roma has every right ( in fact, it has a major responsibility ) to blast pagans, infidels, commies, garden-variety dictators, etc. who trample on their own populations and make their lives nasty, brutish and short.

    ‘Twas a time when, if the pope spoke, the whole world at least listened.

    Today, it’s Vanity Fair, CNN, synagogues and every other leftist outfit on the planet that’s heaping kudos in his direction.

  3. There really does need to be some leadership on this from Rome, not just photo ops.

    Perhaps ‘Is ‘ical ‘Umbleness will deign to capitalize ( although he probably abhors that term, too ) on his leftist notoriety and shame some of his biggest, richest fans into renting a nice chunk of the Riviera for a year or two so the migrants will have some place to rest, get educated about how to go home and save their own homelands and pick up some pointers on basic capitalism.

  4. Send the immigrants to Vatican City. They like them, let them take care of them.

  5. Symbolism over substance. It’s all liberals and LibTheo types are capable of, beside inciting violent revolutions which end up afflicting and murdering innocent parties.

  6. I had a conversation with a co worker the other day, non practicing but raised Catholic, who was gushing over Francis’ supposed love for the poor, citing similar examples from this Pontificate. Agreeing that Charity is one of the three theological virtues I asked him what Our Lord had to say about the poor. My coworker didn’t answer. I told him that I was speculating, but Our Lord said that ‘the poor we would always have with us.’ If Our Lord said this, then what makes us think that any of our initiatives could ever alleviate the miseries of the world? It is because Christ is no longer King of our nations, nor our communities, nor most of our families, or our own hearts for the most part, that the miseries of the poor are worsened, not alleviated. It is because the Church is man-centered. The actions of this Pope, without a constant call to a return to the Kingship of Christ not only in Religion, but also in politics, will remain void of any effectiveness. My coworker told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. I did have to agree with him.

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