Brazil Nuts ( or, How Rio Scored WYD This Time Around )

A quick scan of comments following the video indicates shock, even from Joe Sixpack in the Pew….

“A novena Solene é o caminho certo para alcançar as bençãos. Faça uma experiencia com Deus, receba as graças da Mãe Aparecida. Reze conosco e viva a alegria na Festa da Padroeira.Presidida por Dom Edson Tasquetto Damian, bispo de São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM)

The Solemn Novena is the right way to achieve the blessings. Make an experience with God, to receive the graces of Mother Aparecida. Pray with us and live the joy of the Feast Padroeira.Presidida by Sun Edson Tasquetto Damian, bishop of São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM)”

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5 comments on “Brazil Nuts ( or, How Rio Scored WYD This Time Around )

  1. Well, “cool catholics” being what they are, the only way the NO crowd at WYD will be able to top the roller skating angels gig will be to have Papa Bergoglio arrive secretly and then shoot him out of a cannon for his opening number….

  2. Ok, kids! Now, for our next really far out and totally awesomest ever event….

  3. Hey, as long as it doesn’t offend any Moslems, Jews, or Protestants, anything goes, right? Maybe they’ll get really with it, and invite that Barry Soetoro guy to speak at “Catholic” Woodstock… er… World Ute Days (sorry, I just can’t leave that as a singular, because it isn’t).

    How much you want to bet that Cardinal Bergoglio passed that off as Buenos Aires in his campaign ads during the conclave?

  4. Now I do not understand spanish so here is what I saw: I thought the “Mary” was carring an I-pod til almost the end of the thing. When I saw it was a book. Why, halfway through did I see a focusing-in on the manicure of one of teh “angels” (on skates? what?). Who and what were those men on the twirly thing? Were they priests? Prob not since they seemed slightly …gayor wait…no.. uh.. happy. The angels looked a little bewildred. I looked a little bewildred I am sure. Also, that thing Mary was riding in looked suspciiously like the shell that you find in Botticelli’s “Primavera” (or goddess of spring or whateer it’s called) and I wonder if there was a suggestion there…and please tell me why any man would devote his life and his person to serve that? are they crazy? Well frankly nobody there looked HAPPY which i guess was teh point somehow, it all looked forced and ….well it looked insane…

  5. BREAKING NEWS: AQ’s crack surveillance service has just ferreted out an advance copy of the introductory sermon to be delivered by one of the really big cheeses at this upcoming Mickey Mouse Lalapalooza event, Archbishop José Belisario da Silva, a man who loves his props:

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