STOP THE PRESSES! Cancel the “canonization”!

As I understand it, the occupants of the Vatican waived the Promotor Fidei requirement re. JPII. According to the Perennial Magisterium ( that’s the REAL one, btw, unlike the “living” one the pirates keep touting ), that puts paid to the notion that there is anything kosher about JPII’s rush-job apotheosis. We all knew all that long ago, but it deserves constant repetition. ( Oh, and that kosher reference – mere Freudian slip. )

Anyway, here’s the real skinny from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Advocatus Diaboli
(“Advocate of the Devil” or “Devil’s Advocate”).

A popular title given to one of the most important officers of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, established in 1587, by Sixtus V, to deal juridically with processes of beatification and canonization. His official title is Promoter of the Faith (Promotor Fidei). His duty requires him to prepare in writing all possible arguments, even at times seemingly slight, against the raising of any one to the honours of the altar. The interest and honour of the Church are concerned in preventing any one from receiving those honours whose death is not juridically proved to have been “precious in the sight of God” (see BEATIFICATION and CANONIZATION). Prospero Lamertini, afterwards His duty is to protest against the omission of the forms laid down, and to insist upon the consideration of Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58), was the Promoter of the Faith for twenty years, and had every opportunity to study the workings of the Church in this most important function; he was, therefore, peculiarly qualified to compose his monumental work “On the Beatification and Canonization of Saints,” which contains the complete vindication of the rights of the Church in this matter, and sets forth historically its extreme care of the use of this right.

    No important act in the process of beatification or canonization is valid unless performed in the presence of the Promoter of the Faith formally recognized.His duty is to protest against the omission of the forms laid down, and to insist upon the consideration any objection.

The first formal mention of such an officer is found in the canonization of St. Lawrence Justinian under Leo X (1513-21). Urban VIII, in 1631, made his presence necessary, at least by deputy, for the validity of any act connected with the process of beatification or canonization.

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6 comments on “STOP THE PRESSES! Cancel the “canonization”!

  1. Think it can’t be done, sports fans?

    Think again!

    And think what it will mean! J23….JPII….P6 all taken off the base paths!

    But we gotta move FAST!

  2. I think it’s appropriate you chose baseball as there are many reports out there stating that baseball is masonic.

  3. I actually performed an unassisted triple play in Little League…

    I was playing third with the bases loaded.

    The batter lined it straight to my glove. One gone.

    The runner on my base had led off so I just stepped on it. Two gone.

    The runner on second ( obviously a Red Sox future draft pick ) made for third and all I had to do was straddle the bag and wait for him. He came in like a mallard to a decoy. Three gone in less than five seconds. And I probably traversed less than three feet to pull it off.

    So here’s my question: Does that make me an honorary master mason?

    : – )

  4. Some skinny kid named Jeter…

    Btw, I never did make it onto the Yankees roster, dang it!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

    Who’s drawing up the petition to present to the Apostolic Signatura, anyway?

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