Very well, very well. All is dark.

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Very well, very well. All is dark.

Very well. What will you do?

I am not asking, “how will you fix it?” There may be no repairing the damage done prior to the second Advent. There may not even be any way to reduce the damage to something better than intolerable.

Very well. But what will you do?

Will you even bother to pray? People who are too despairing—who have perhaps trusted altogether too much in this world rather than placing all their treasure in heaven—are often too discouraged even to pray much. Oh, I don’t mean that they don’t say their Our Fathers and Hail Marys with reasonable regularity. But to actually hassle and haggle with God in a truly patriarchal or Davidic way you have to actually have hope: Hope in God, specifically, whose glory might yet be shown all the brighter because only He has the power to rescue us.

I’m not seeing a lot of that hope, in the attitudes here [NCRegister Comments].

But let us say you muster up the hope to pray with sincerity and vigor. What will you do then?

Are you planning to retreat into the catacombs or to be heard in the streets?

Of course, a pattern of abuses can, at some point, require a people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth a separate and equal station which is their just right, in accord with the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.

It is not implausible that this government will “pull a Henry VIII,” dissolving and confiscating the property of whichever monasteries and churches and church-run hospitals and church-run schools and church-run adoption agencies and church-run orphanages refuse to act in accord with that secular morality through which vice has undergone apotheosis. Should that day come, what will you do? Will you fight? Will you arm yourselves? Will you shoot a man and prevent him going home to his wife (or maybe his husband) because he came to evict your priest from the rectory and your parishoners from their church property?

Well, never fear: It won’t come to that. That is to say: It won’t be so obvious as that. They’ll just fine your church $1000 a month more than it can possibly pay for the privilege of continuing to teach and practice faithfully. You will have to either refuse to pay the fine—and be accused of refusing to pay your taxes, for which you will be pilloried in the court of public opinion—or you will attempt to pay the unjust levy, until you run out of money and are required to shut down and sell the property. And if you take up arms at THAT point, why, you’ll merely be some deadbeats who couldn’t pay the mortgage or the property taxes, and who refused to pay their just debts.

So, no Ruby Ridge for Catholics. It won’t be the ATF evicting your church; it’ll be a bank officer and his assistants.

It should be clear that I’ve no intention of painting the situation less dark than it is. I am not accusing you of being unduly pessimistic.

But what do you plan to do?

As far as I can see, the only solution to this problem is for 50%+ of all American voters to fervently and obediently Catholic. Once that happens, we’ll have no problems at all.

To get there, all the existing Catholics must first become fervently and obediently Catholic. That is Item #1. Two more things follow:

#2: Evangelize everyone, prioritizing those whom they are least comfortable evangelizing; and,

#3: Love everyone self-sacrificially. Do you give blood as often as you can? Do you loan and give to those you know, without interest? DO you volunteer in the community? “Tithing” at above 10% of your pre-tax income (with the segment over 10% being proportionate to one’s wealth) would not by itself be enough; but such a classic and time-honored level of giving would certainly be the first hurdle to clear, if one is intent on doing something. Beyond that you must also forgive, and then love, your enemies. How many gay couples’ lawns have you mowed, at no charge, when you found they were too busy to do it?

The problem with techniques of evangelism has largely to do with the fact that the evangelical message is mistrusted. And why is it mistrusted? Because you don’t really love the person you’re trying to evangelize. You would rather win an argument than pour your efforts out to bring happiness to a dingy human person whose sins happen to be more distasteful to you than your own sins are. You do not love your neighbor as yourself.

And I am just the same. I commiserate with you in the impossibility of the task.

Nevertheless it is not enough any longer to simply avoid bringing scandal to your neighbors by avoiding conspicuous moral failure. It’s true that you must not ever gossip again, or look at pornography again, or over-report your work hours again. But that’s not enough any longer, if it ever was. Now you must show superhuman virtue, which by definition you cannot do in your own strength. (But the Holy Spirit is quite anxious to lead you into the good works He providentially sets in your path, that you might walk in them.)

Then you will either win enough souls to fix the problem, or at least cooperate with God’s grace in your life in such a way as to win your own soul more fervently to Him, so that when life is over you may face Him and not be ashamed. And even if everyone else fails to participate, at least the fall of civilization will not have been because you failed to participate.


What will you do?

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