The LBGT Agenda

First of all my prayers go forth for Cindy, one of our most loyal and helpful supporters. May Our Blessed Lord keep her in His Loving Arms.

But this post deals with laws both within and outside the Church dealing with the oxymoron of “same-sex” marriage. We need to remember that all laws must agree with and flow from Divine Laws and in this case that means not only the 6th and 9th Commandments but the punishments dished out to the residents of Sodom & Gommorah who lived lifestyles which may be said to fall within the LBGT agends. Will our own country suffer the same fate? Is the LBGT agenda “tempting God”. I, for one, believe it is and I call on all true Catholics to completely disavow the LBGT agenda and the politicians and clerics of whatever rank that support that agenda using the term “human rights”.

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4 comments on “The LBGT Agenda

  1. The whole LBGT thing would be laughable if it were not so sinful and sad. Will the Mormons now be allowed to reinstitute polygamy? Where does it all stop? As I asked when I first heard about all of this craziness, what if I decide to marry a rhinoceros? Where does it all stop?

  2. St. Gertrude raises an entirely reasonable prospect!

    Bill Clinton did EXACTLY what she hypothesized – and look at the consequences for both American domestic and foreign policy!


    St. Gertrude, please send a private message to Tim, our moderator here. I will send him my private email address so you and I can stay in contact. I cannot get the AQ PM function to work and I’ve lost whatever contact info you sent me a number of months ago. Thanks!


    John Vennari has written articles about this book and the article for a gay magazine that was the basis of this book.

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