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Martyrology-August 2nd
Roman Martyrology-August 2nd- on this date in various years-

St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, founder of the Congregation of our most Holy Redeemer, bishop of Santa Agata dei Goti, confessor and doctor of the Church, who fell asleep in the Lord on the previous day.

At Rome, in the cemetery of Callistus, the birthday of St. Stephen I, pope and martyr. In the persecution of Valerian, the soldiers suddenly entered while he was saying Mass, but remaining before the altar, fearless and unmoved, he concluded the sacred mysteries, and was beheaded on his throne. read more

Roberto de Mattei on “F” v. FI: A “serious” intentional effect on the Church

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Eponymous Flower blogsite

Roberto de Mattei: Franciscans of the Immaculata Models in Situation of Liturgical, Theological and Moral Anarchy

(Rome) The measures against the Franciscans of the Immaculate have caused trouble and lively discussions. is publishing a discussion contribution. The first will be the well-known historian Roberto de Mattei. The March for Life , which was took place with 40,000 participants in Rome in May is largely due to his initiative. On the march, numerous Franciscans of the Immaculate participated, an Order with an apostolate which also includes particularly the defense of unborn life. read more

Novena to St. Philomena. August 2-10

Novena to St.Philomena.

O faithful virgin and glorious martyr, St. Philomena,
who works so many miracles on behalf of the poor and sorrowing, have pity on me.
Thou knows the multitude and diversity of my needs.
Behold me at thy feet, full of misery but full of hope. I entreat thy charity, O great Saint!
Graciously hear me and obtain from God a favorable answer to the request which I now humbly lay before thee…
(here specify your petition).
I am firmly convinced that through thy merits, through the scorn,
the sufferings and the death thou did endure, united to the merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus, thy Spouse,
I shall obtain what I ask of thee and in the joy of my heart I will bless God , who is admirable in His Saints. Amen. read more


Martyrology-August 1st
Roman Martyrology-August 1st- on this date in various years-

At Rome, on the Esquiline, the Dedication of the Church of St. Peter in Chains.

At Antioch, the martyrdom of the seven brothers, the holy Machabees, martyrs, and their mother, who suffered under King Antiochus Epiphanes. Their relics were transferred to Rome, and placed in the church or St. Peter in Chains.

At Vercelli, St. Eusebius, bishop and martyr, who, for the confession of the Catholic faith was banished to Scythopolis in Palestine, and thence to Cappadocia, by Emperor Constantine. Afterwards, returning to his church, he suffered martyrdom in the persecution of the Arians. His memory is more especially honoured on the 15th of December, when he was consecrated bishop, and his feast is kept on the 16th of December. read more

The History of Apostasy And the Third Secret of Fatima

The History of Apostasy

And the Third Secret of Fatima

By Robert J. Siscoe POSTED: 7/30/13

“The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. Apostasy, the loss of the faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the Church.” …Pope Paul VI, Oct. 13, 1977

Time Magazine, Nov. 22, 1968

If we consider the history of rational creation from the beginning of time, a repeated pattern emerges: over and over again, we see a great apostasy that begins at the top. read more

Simple Jorge Places Jersey and Beach Ball from Brazil on Altar at Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome!

July 29, 2013. ( Pope Francis is back in Rome. After leading World Youth Day 2013 in Rio Brazil, with nearly 3 million pilgrims, Pope Francis is now at the Vatican.

Upon arrival, the Pope went to the Basilica of St. Mary Major, to pray before Our Lady. As a gift, he left a green sports jersey and a beach ball, at her feet, both items directly brought from Rio, Brazil.


Martyrology-July 31st
Roman Martyrology-July 31st- on this date in various years-

At Rome, the birthday of St. Ignatius, priest and confessor, founder of the Society of Jesus, renowned for sanctity and miracles, and most zealous for propagating the Catholic religion in all parts of the world. Pope Pius XI declared him to be the heavenly patron of all spiritual retreats.

At Milan, during the persecution of Antoninus, St. Calimerius, bishop and martyr, who was arrested, covered with wounds, and his throat transfixed with a sword. He completed his martyrdom by being cast into a well. read more

Bergoglio PROHIBITS Summorum Pontificum / Axes B 16’s MP on TLM

IMPORTANT: Pope Francis severely restricts the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate from celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, imposes the Novus Ordo on all their priests
UPDATE: FULL TEXT OF THE DECREE that abrogates Summorum for the FFI

Rorate note: A clear attempt to minimize the importance of this decree is taking place here and there in the blogosphere, as expected. We are being told that this isn’t really something to worry about; that this is just a particular situation, limited to a particular religious institution, and has nothing to do with how Pope Francis views Summorum. read more

At least 36 pilgrims die in bus crash in southern Italy: Requiescant in pace

At least 36 pilgrims die in bus crash in southern Italy: Requiescant in pace

Rome (CNN) — A bus returning pilgrims from a weekend visit to a Catholic shrine went off a bridge in southern Italy on Sunday, leaving at least 36 dead, including some children, officials said.

Eleven people were hospitalized in serious condition, Luca Cari, a fire spokesman, told CNN. The bus was traveling east of Naples in Avellino province, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

While Cari reported 36 dead, Pasquale Picone, a police official in Avellino, reported at least 37 people were killed. More bodies could be found in the wreckage, Picone said. Picone did not have an exact figure for the number of passengers on the bus, though reports have varied from as few as 40 to as many as 50 aboard. read more