To Trad Priests… Communion considerations.

The subject of who should go up to the Communion Rail was brought up recently on the Feast of Corpus Christi. The surprising answer after much a do was “Everyone, except the non believer” based upon the following spiritual considerations:

That The Eucharist, as a Sacrament, imparts Grace. Thus it is more pious to receive Our Lord as often as possible than it is to do as some mistakenly do by not receiving Him but once a year in the false notion of showing Him more respect. What practices more love: Visiting more often, actually being with a person more or saying to them – “I’ll only see you once this year to show you how much greater I love you”? By His Grace we are changed not by our own actions. Thus we can only get closer to God by actually getting closer to God.

The venial sinner should come up to receive Communion even if by no fault of their own they could not get to Confession because at that point of the Mass there is the Confiteor with an Absolution and The Reception of the Eucharist itself forgives venial sins by virtue of the act of Love of the dispositions of the soul to desire to be with Our Lord in the reception.

The Convert, by virtue of their belief in the Real Presence, even before their 1st Holy Communion is encouraged by the Church to come up to the Communion Rail and get a blessing at the Rail (but not receive Communion). Parents of Little Children & even babies are to be brought up to the Communion Rail to receive a Blessing (not Communion) from the Priest so as to increase Eucharistic devotions and instill a Holy reverence for this Great Sacrament. Children being encouraged to practice loving piety can not be underestimated in value. Unlike ‘forced piety’ which grows anti Catholics from youth.

What of the Catholic who can not receive because they have not fasted, or worse yet what of the believer in the state of mortal sin? First of all to be seen staying in ones pew can be seen by weaker souls as an occasion of public scandal: “What must they have done to not go up to the Communion Rail?” It is not always the fault of a sinner to think such thoughts as satan tries to distract us from Our Lord to make our Communions less efficacious. Not receiving is the right thing to do for a Mortal sinner but in such cases these souls who are forbidden to receive Our Lord in Communion are the ones in most need of the Blessing at the Communion Rail to impart more spiritual strength in what ever weakness led to their non reception. Especially in the case of the mortal sinner… should they not be strengthened by grace to change their ways and die on the way home from Church the risk of Hell is great… they are in need of all the blessings they can get and should not be forbidden by anyone, including themselves, from even the smallest of acts {like going to get a blessing} to be closer to Our Lord. The very act of going up and getting a Blessing and seeing Our Lord pass them by when they could have had all healings is enough to be the turning point of Salvation. Salvation of Souls being the highest mandate both of Church and of individuals. They should come and be blessed for that very reason!

You see the Communion Rail blessing by the Priest is not just a common blessing like that of the Sign of the Cross in the Name of the Trinity nor is it at the level of say a sprinkling of Holy Water… It is the Highest Blessing of a Benediction! The Eucharist in the hand of the Priest which would have been to that soul had circumstances been different is Benediction-ed over that soul as the Blessing in the sign of The Cross with The Eucharist tracing that sign. The Priest makes the sign of the Cross over the person not receiving with the Host. It is a private Eucharistic Benediction and not just a common Blessing. Wake up to what this represents! Oh my Lord and my God.

So who does that leave who should stay in the pew and not come up to the Communion Rail but the non believe?

Even if someone should say “I am sick so it is hard to come up, or I am lame, or I am unworthy or too weak of faith but I still believe…” will not the Grace received help to alleviate all these things, or at the very least the Grace received helps us to carry our daily crosses? And not just past Crosses but sometimes we receive Grace before great trials come our way that are lurking just around the day’s corner. Grace is given ahead of time so as to be able to preserver by the Love of God in those upcoming trials.

The question then has to be asked… ‘Is it not at least a venial sin to remain in our pews and not come up to the Communion Rail for at least the Benediction which will help us in our weaknesses?’ To knowingly not receive Grace when it is offered and bought for us at such a price as the Lord’s own Sacrifice just witnessed in the Mass we are attending, Is that not an example of the Church’s Rule that says: “When you know a good to do, and it is within your means to do, and you do not do it, It is a sin” ?

(A Communion Rail prayer given to me by Our Lady to be shared:)


{i claim not to be a theologian, nor a doctor of the Church. In all things the Church’s teachings prevail. I only share what has been shared with me in hopes that it will inspire hearts as it has so graced mine in the ways of Traditional Catholicism. may i be seen as weak that all may know that the message could not have come from me. }

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3 comments on “To Trad Priests… Communion considerations.

  1. At first I thought this was satire. After reading the following quote I was sure:
    ‘Is it not at least a venial sin to remain in our pews and not come up to the Communion Rail for at least the Benediction which will help us in our weaknesses?’

    The article doesn’t claim to be satire, but who am I to question a descendant of St Peter?

  2. It depends if the priest even does that blessing at communion. Not all do or at least there’s no outward sign of it. They perhaps just silently say something while passing over those who can’t receive for whatever reason. Most people I know who don’t receive say the spiritual communion in their pew.

    You can also send your guardian angel to mass if you can’t make it. In this prayer, your guardian angel places everything you have at the altar and brings communion to you when the priest receives communion, among other things.

    And a traditional priest also said that when you enter the church, make a sign of the cross with the holy water and genuflect you can also pray then to have your sins forgiven and they are.

    Receiving communion often is a pretty recent thing as well as young children receiving. St. Therese who died at the end of the 19th century did not receive frequently and only had her first communion at age 12. St. Pius X gave little ones the opportunity to receive after hearing of Little Nellie of Holy God (who died age 4 1/2) which was the sign he’d been praying for to know it was okay with God to allow young children to receive.

    I hope this didn’t derail the thread. God is so good and gives us so many opportunities to be united to Him.

  3. A Link to the Life story of Little Nellie of Holy God, Well worth the reading

    thank you adoro te
    Our Mother hug you

    Your comment “It depends if the priest even does that blessing at communion.”
    That is why I wrote of this ‘To the Priests’ … if they only knew what more good they could be doing. God has so much to give and few willing to give it… fewer still who even know where to look or what to ask for.

    Everyone please Pray for our Shepherds and beg them to feed His sheep, Remembering Our Lord’s plea: “What is the worth of even just 1 soul?” “Offer it for me.”

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