Santo Subito Mania & Lourdes Floods: Coincidence?

Apparently the first flood at Lourdes, in 2012, was coterminous with the planned arrival of some sort of relic of JPII in the cause of furthering his canonization parade, led by then-Pope Benedict XVI who has since resigned and now co-authors encyclicals with some fella from South America who seems pretty out of sorts about actually being the pope.

And apparently the waters flooded Lourdes again as soon as the Vatican decided that the needed miracle to declare Wojtyla a saint had been “established”.

Just askin’ ….

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One comment on “Santo Subito Mania & Lourdes Floods: Coincidence?

  1. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Neither do I think it a coincidence that Paul VI’s canonization got back on track within a month of Fr. Luigi Villa’s death last November.

    Someone asked Mother Angelica a question. I don’t remember the exact question, but Mother Angelica’s answer was that the natural disasters and such were God throwing pebbles at us and saying ” Hey. Remember Me? I’m still here!”

    Most still aren’t paying attention to Him.

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