Voris: Sodomite Scandal About to “Crash Over the Vatican”

For more informed folks, this is actually “recent news” but here it is.

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  1. Here is the latest update from MV….

  2. mumbailaity.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/letter-written-by-fr-luigi-villa-to-all-cardinals-regarding-pope-paul-vi-and-who-was-appointed-to-uncover-freemasonry/

    [Introductory remark by gpmtrad: While one might hope ( in this case, against considerable odds ) that the following investigative summary by a priest assigned to dig into the masonic infiltration of the Church even before Vatican II is all, somehow, incorrect – it sure appears that the information is only vindicated by the Voris news briefings today…. At the lower portion of this post is a summary of the charges of sodomite activity by Paulo Sesto himself raised by Fr. Villa, and corroborated by other independent investigations, as well.]

    Letter Written by Fr.Luigi Villa to all Cardinals regarding Pope Paul VI and who was appointed to uncover Freemasonry

    Posted on November 21, 2012 by The Voice Of Bombay’s Catholic Laity

    Letter to Cardinals compl. en-1

    Rev. Fr. Luigi Villa, Doctor of Theology, who passed away on November 18, 2012 at the age of 95, was appointed by Pope Pius XII to uncover Freemasonry in the Catholic Church.

    Before he passed away he addressed a letter to all the cardinals of the world, to be read before December 11, which you may not have received as your appointment was very recent.
    – Letter to Cardinals –
    – Letter to the Cardinals –
    Your Eminence,
    I had read in the press that on December 11 the Cardinals and Bishops, overcoming the obstacle of
    the theologians, will give their “yes” for the beatification of Pope Paul VI, despite the fact that he never
    had, while he was living, any reputation for holiness, but instead, was primarily responsible for all the current
    troubles of the Church, and I even dare to say that the result of his pontificate was really catastrophic!
    Allow me then, to concede on what had been reported, in bold print, in “Avvenire” of March 19, 1999, page 17, about Monsignor Montini: “Ruini makes a Profile of the Pope (Paul VI) that changed the Church.”
    How very true! … We proved it with our “Montinian Trilogy,” which was never found to be false or invalid by my opponents who always limited themselves to public ridicule, insults and trivialities without ever denouncing in public, the “how,” “where,” and “why” of our arguments and our documents that would be contrary to the truth.
    Certainly, to tell the “truth” is not wrong, even about the person of Paul VI, because he has become part of History, so his entire life can be studied without hesitation or misinformation, without putting a halo on his head, which would mean to put it around his “revolution” carried out by Freemasonry, through him, in the name of Vatican II.
    It must be, then, a duty to give an outline of his alleged virtues necessary for a beatification. Cardinal Ruini, in his closing address to the “Diocesan Process,” said, «His faith shines from his person, glitters in his words. In 1967, he gave life to the Year of Faith. In 1968, in front of St. Peter’s, he proclaimed the “Creed” of the people of God, a faith based on the “Nicene Creed.”»
    Now, as to that of his alleged Faith, a Faith that the Cardinal even called “passionate,” is belied by the same Paul VI who, in his famous speech on the self-demolition of the Church, he said: « The Church finds herself in an hour of anxiety, a disturbed period of self-criticism, or what would even better be called selfdemolition [auto-destruction]. It is an interior upheaval, acute and complicated. “Many expect dramatic gestures from the Pope, energetic and decisive interventions. The Pope does not believe that he must follow
    any other line than that of trust in Jesus Christ, whose concern for His Church is greater than that of anyone else’s. It shall be Him to stifle the tempest …»
    But these words sound like a betrayal of his duty as Vicar of Christ, who, for the defense of the Faith, has always relied on His successors, starting immediately with St. Peter, His first Vicar on earth. Thus, the refusal of Paul VI in defending the Faith was an open refusal to do what should have been his main duty. Thus, his “non-intervention” policy was an abdication of his official duty to intervene in this self destruction of the Church, that he himself led. A rejection, then, that is a real “sin of omission.”
    What should one think, then, when [the Church] brings to the altar for the veneration of the faithful a Pope who has so badly failed in his primary duty which is, in fact, to defend the “Deposit of Faith” …?
    Paul VI abdicated by not fulfilling his primary role as “Head” of the Catholic Church to instead, “serve” Humanity and reconcile all beliefs and all religions into one universal religion. By dreaming to become the great unifier of the people, he sacrificed the Catholic Church, Tradition, Institutions, and the faithful themselves, to form The Movement of Spiritual Animation of Universal Democracy,” that
    must enslave all the churches to the World. Paul VI, thus failing to ever distinguish the Church of Christ, which is “one and not two or more,” was
    the first Pope that called on the schismatic and heretical, religious communities in his opening speech of the Third Session of Vatican II, September 14, 1964, saying:
    « “O Churches, who are so far away and yet so close to Us! O Churches, the object of Our heartfelt desire! O Churches of Our incessant longing! O Churches of Our tears”..» and announced, then, on several occasions, the mutual forgiveness for each other’s faults.
    Later, His ceaseless ecumenical propaganda was only to lead to the recognition of other Christian communities and not to a true community of salvation.
    There is proof of this, even in his visit to the “World Council of Churches”, on June 10, 1969, where he was well received by 234 religious communities. Here, Paul VI assumed their lingo and even took part in their schism with this general statement: « “Christian brotherhood … among the Churches which are part of the “Ecumenical Council” and the Catholic Church» … ignoring the fact that there can be no fellowship between the Catholic Church and “dissidents.” Instead, he himself raised the issue by saying,
    The Catholic Church must become a member of the “Ecumenical Council.”

    Witnesses of the homosexuality of Paul VI are:
    The homosexual writer, Robin Bryans who wrote of the homosexual relationship between Msgr.
    Montini and Hugh Montgomery.
    Homosexual and former Ambassador, Roger Peyrefitte, who spoke of his homosexuality by saying that
    Paul VI, Archbishop of Milan, was in a secluded house to meet guys ad hoc.
    The “New York Times” who also had the name of a famous Italian actor, Paolo Carlini, who had become
    a frequent visitor of Paul VI to his private apartments in the Vatican.
    Abbé Georges de Nantes who exposed allegations of homosexuality against Paul VI, citing a variety of
    The writer, Franco Bellegrandi, who wrote on the following facts:
    – the blackmail of Montini by the Soviets to force him to reveal the names of the priests and bishops
    secretly sent by Pope Pius XII across the Iron Curtain;
    – the process of “homosexual colonization” of the Vatican during the reign of Montini;
    – the nightly interventions by the police of the Archbishop of Milan, Msgr. Montini who was found
    several times on the streets of the city in civilian clothes and in dubious company;
    – the authorization given by Montini to his lover Paolo Carlini to come and go as he pleased from
    the apartment of the Pope, in the Vatican;
    – the blackmail of Montini by the Masons, threatening him to reveal certain facts about his homosexuality,
    unless they would obtain from him the approval of cremation, always denied by the
    – Card. Pietro Palazzini possessed two large folders full of documents that show, conclusively, the
    impure and unnatural vice of Paul VI.
    The homosexuality of Paul VI was instrumental in the paradigm shift that saw the rise of the “Homosexual
    Collective” in the Catholic Church in the United States.
    In the midst of these [in this Homosexual Collective], there were:
    Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Cardinal Terence James Cooke, Cardinal John Wright, Archbishop
    Rembert Weakland George, Bishop James S. Rausch, Bishop George Henry Guifoyle, Bishop
    Francis Mugavero, Bishop Joseph Hubert Hart, Bishop Howard James Hubbard …

  3. I went to Catholic school back in the late 50’s. And while the church had problems, none of them were as bad as this. The church had Catholic teaching. The priests were real priest and the nuns real nuns. And non-Catholics disagreed with the church, at least the Church was respected for its beliefs and moral principles.
    Pope St. Pius X tried to overcome some of the problems by making his priests,bishops, etc. take the Oath (which at the time of Vat 2 most Cardinals had taken) that did not cure things. what it did was push things inside under a wrap so to speak where it festered. Pius XII dealt with the to be John XXIII and Paul VI by banishing them. The Modernistic/Liberal cancer was allowed to grow and fester under the surface. Vat2 lanced the cancer and allowed it to infect the whole church. These, and other ‘sick’ branches should have been surgically removed as soon as they were identified.
    One of the tings that were pounded into our heads was the church was never meant to be ‘of the world’ it was meant to be the salt of the earth.
    There is a fairy tale: Love like salt that the sisters used to explain this:
    The King and His Daughters
    There was once a king who had several daughters. To the first he said, “How do you love me?”
    “I love you as sugar,” said she.
    To the next he said, “And how do you love me?”
    “I love you as honey,” said she.
    To the third he said, “And how do you love me?”
    “I love you as sherbet,” said she.
    To the last and youngest he said, “And how do you love me?”
    “I love you as salt,” said she.
    On hearing the answer of his youngest daughter the king frowned, and, as she persisted in repeating it, he drove her out into the forest.
    There, when wandering sadly along, she heard the tramping of a horse, and she hid herself in a hollow tree. But the fluttering of her dress betrayed her to the rider, who was a prince, and who instantly fell in love with her and married her.
    Some time after, the king, her father, who did not know what had become of her, paid her husband a visit. When he sat down to meat, the princess took care that all the dishes presented to him should be made-up sweets, which he either passed by altogether or merely tasted. He was very hungry, and was longing sorely for something which he could eat, when the princess sent him a dish of common spinach, seasoned with salt, such as farmers eat, and the king signified his pleasure by eating it with relish.
    Then the princess threw off her veil, and, revealing herself to her father, said, “Oh my father, I love you as salt. My love may be homely, but it is true, genuine and lasting, and I entreat your forgiveness.”
    Vat 2 opened the windows and blew the salt away. Without it the church was no longer a moral compass to society.
    Another thing we were taught was just as the church was meant to be the salt, leaven to the world, that if she lost these that as the church went so would society. I think it no strange coincidence that the moral decline in the world is linked to the moral decline in the church.
    The homosexuals in the church need to be removed, cut off, the cancer eradicated. Just as in society they have found that there is no cure for those who abuse children in this way Rome needs to know there is no cure for the church either without their removal. Rome needs to acknowledge that the feminization of the church and it’s liturgy was brought about by the homosexuals either directly or indirectly and needs to be removed.
    The whole of the Vatican seriously needs a formal exorcism.
    Until the diseased branches are removed completely they will continue to spread disease and rot to the whole church. Rome needs to stop hiding her head in the sand.

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