Pedophile priest ‘sorry’ accusation 9 high priests, Vatican outraged, slander

Source: AGI [translation by Apocalisse]



(AGI) – Vatican, 26 June – “Dr. Pignatone, Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Rome has categorically denied that priests of the diocese of Rome are investigated for pedophilia on the basis of the complaint, the former priest Patrick Poggi, resigned in 2007 from the clerical state for crimes of a sexual nature about children and has served the sentence in the prison of Rebibbia. ” It says a note from the Vicariate of Rome, expressing “dismay and outrage.” “The Cardinal Vicar Agostino Vallini – the law – expresses deep sorrow for the dissemination of these slanderous news that shoot into the pile on a general basis without distinguishing between those who did wrong, he has to pay, and who ‘slandered. He renews proximity to the priests, esteem and affection for their generous ministry. strongly condemns the fact that the media will do megaphone news criminal no objective confirmation, violating the most ‘basic norms of journalistic ethics and respect for privacy. ”

“Who benefits – is the cardinal question – to create a new case and scandal tarnish people and ministry of priests? And ‘this is the way to make information? And’ one way – says Vallini – to discredit the Church and its ministers. Everyone give ‘an account to God of his work. ” The cardinal, who in his episcopal ministry, as noted by the note, “and ‘always engaged to fight cases of possible immorality’ of the clergy, at the beginning of his term visit ‘Poggi detained in the prison of Rebibbia and can not be explained similar behavior. ” “How come – adds the Cardinal – on that occasion and in follow-up interviews in the Vicariate, Poggi has not felt the need to give notice to the bishop his former brothers?”. The Cardinal expressed full confidence in the judiciary and fully convinced that it says will be ‘dismantled the floor libelous, proving untrue statements of Poggi, perhaps moved by a spirit of revenge or personal resentment. “” The priests slandered – concludes the statement – is reserve any legal action to protect their personal good character. ‘”

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  1. This news article does not scan at all. The translation is poor, lacking readability hence it seems almost nonsensical.
    Can no one render a better translation that this offering, so that we can read the facts of the matter ourselves?


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