Homosexuals give the sermon at Mass in Dundalk, Ireland

Published on Jun 24, 2013

The Following video is outrageous, but well worth seeing as it is clear evidence of the rot that has set into the Church in Ireland and throughout the world.

Dundalk, Ireland. St Gerards’ Novena 2012, Day 8, Mass.

Redemptorist Rector Fr Michael Cusack blatantly disregards Catholic doctrine by inviting unrepentant sinners to give the sermon at Mass. The founder of the Redemptorists, St Alphonsus Liguori, warned unambiguously that obstinate sinners put themselves in serious danger of eternal perdition, yet this Rector is confirming these poor unfortunates in their sin. Who knows how many children heard this “sermon” and now think that sins against nature are somehow permissible? How many people, as a result of this scandal, are now entertaining such impure temptations, bringing them down a dark road of misery and destruction? Several bishops in Ireland, Cardinal Brady and the Papal Nuncio among them, have received a copy of this video, so too has Rome. Alas, there is no response to date, yet priests who boldly proclaim Catholic teaching are swiftly punished.

Here is part 1: youtu.be/Ho2UPQhvMuc?t=4m55s

The link to Part 2 is in the video.

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