An Extraordinary Rendering of Pope John Paul

I do not know how to copy out photos to post here on the new AQ format.

However, I do wish to mention what I think is a singularly remarkable drawing of the late pontiff which appeared this afternoon ( Wed., June 19 ) in the left-hand column of The Drudge Report.

If a member who does know how to post such items would like to do so, I think it might prove to be interesting to many. As well, the nature of the reported second miracle attributed to the pope is nothing short of spectacular. That report has yet to be verified, of course.

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5 comments on “An Extraordinary Rendering of Pope John Paul

  1. I don’t know how to post pictures either, but that is definitely an interesting picture. When was it done? By whom? Why?

    I wouldn’t say that miracle is a miracle given that I know people who’ve been on death’s door and then recovered. The doctors have called their recoveries miracles, too. There wasn’t any concerted effort to anyone in particular for them, so….I’m still not convinced the Parkinson’s was correctly diagnosed.
    Karol may somehow be a saint, but John Paul II is not for me because of the scandals he gave while pope that he didn’t publicly repent of prior to his death.

    And only 4,500 attended Obama’s speech in Berlin.

  2. 220, Good one. Very good one.
    Why did the leaders of “this world” attend Saint Karol’s globally live televised funeral?

  3. I’m not going gaga, gang.

    I am always fascinated by gifted ART work. That’s all.

    Few have the ability to draw a subject so life-like in its expressiveness.

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