Code Words in the New Vatican’s Alphabet Soup?

While traditionalists ponder the possibilities of Jeffersonian liberalism arising from the muck of perplexity which constitutes this brave new papacy, hints keep dropping like so many bowling balls heaved from the upper deck of a Buenos Aires soccer stadium onto cheering fans, gaily tangoing away, down in the more expensive seats…

“…A thought, also, on the Synod of Bishops. It was certainly one of the fruits of Vatican Council II. Thanks be to God, in these almost fifty years, we have experienced the benefits of this institution that, in a permanent way, is placed at the service of the mission and of the communion of the Church, as expression of collegiality. I can attest to it also on the basis of my personal experience, having taken part in several Synodal Assemblies. Open to the grace of the Holy Spirit, soul of the Church, let us be confident that the Synod of Bishops will experience further developments to foster increasing dialogue and collaboration between the Bishops and between them and the Bishop of Rome…”

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3 comments on “Code Words in the New Vatican’s Alphabet Soup?

  1. This bishop of Rome needs to man-up act like a Pope.

    Earlier this week, he mentioned “we” have to do something about the gay mafia. But the “we” is his synod of bishops of which a good portion are light in their loafers. I agree with ecs 220.

  2. Language engineering precedes cultural engineering….

    …”permanent way”….”collegiality”….”collaboration…..bishop of Rome”…..

    As for the perennial Magisterium ( no longer even an afterthought with this crowd ) and the pre-eminence of the Petrine ministry…?

  3. Well, considering the succession of rebellious, progressivist papas whose ACTIONS AND WORDS since Pius XII have consistently undermined Sacred Tradition in favor of false religions, false philosophies and debased religious practice – all matters that have occurred on the world stage – the issue in this thread reflects one key consideration central to the preservation and recovery of Catholic sanity: the preservation and recovery of the papacy itself.

    Allusions to the monstrous misbehavior of public officials, worldwide, is not misplaced in any such examination, either. Just as the “peoples’ representatives” have less and less to do with their national constituencies in the free world, we are witnessing – in this ongoing program to destabilize the papacy – the replacement of authentic, decisive and CONSISTENT leadership with progressive ideology.

    The Crisis continues apace….

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