Fr. Jacques Philippe

Do any of you know anything about this priest and author? We ave been having discussions with a relative and he sent some quotes from this guy. Looked him up. Fr Groeschel likes him. Seems like a red flag to me. ;-) We had mentioned to this relative that it is good to test everything so I think he is testing us to see if we know what Fr. Philippe represents. The few quotes I read online from his books sound sort of wishy washy to me but I do sometimes have a hard time picking out the arsenic from the good stuff.
Thanks for whatever any of you may be able to share.
BTW…my cousin is a very conservative NO Catholic and thinks we lean a little wacky. LOL I am thinking this is one of the authors whose books his men’s study group uses.

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5 comments on “Fr. Jacques Philippe

  1. Okay, “Under the Big Sky”, mon ami – I’ll take a crack at it.

    He’s solidly post-conciliar ( and who ain’t, unless he’s a Trad? ) and all his creds are conciliarist – although McCloskey and Rutler ( both Opus Dei? ), who vouch for him, are serious men and worthy of being called good “conservative” priests, for whatever that’s worth. Thus, I fear that the “experiential” element may be part of his message. Can’t tell from the few little snippets I saw, none of which looked heterodox.

    Prob’ly a serious VII-style pray-er with a yen for writing about being a VII-style pray-er, of which there’s a glut on the market. Obviously, from the Rutler blurb, Fr. JP is better than most which may account for the six figure sales record.

    I think anyone who has studied the doctors, the fathers, the saints ( especially Aquinas ) and dogma – the CORE of St. John of the Cross’ mystical theology – will find nothing all that edifying in Fr. JP that has not already, and probably much more thoroughly, been settled by men ( and women like St. Teresa of Avila and St. Catherine of Siena ) back in the day before the internet, jet travel and publicity agents.

    Just an off the cuff snapshot, mind you. I might be completely wrong.

  2. Thanks! These were my feelings.
    These kind of writers just do not do anything for me. They seem to be all about peace and love but lacking the depth of our saintly predecessors….or something. I cannot always put my finger on it. (Isn’t that a V-2 characteristic? ;-) )
    But my conservative Catholic NO friends and relatives love this stuff.
    gpmtrad, I always enjoy your posts.

  3. “I am thinking this is one of the authors whose books his men’s study group uses.”

    That’s all I need to know. I’ll pass.

  4. I’m on a one man campaign to eliminate the spurious use of the word “conservative” as it applies to politics and Catholicism.

    Just try to name one thing “conservatives” have, in fact, “conserved” in the past 50 years.

  5. hahahahahhahahahahaha.
    Well, they have conserved abortion and empty Catholic churches to name a couple. We must give credit where credit is due.

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