The Economy is Going to Implode

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4 comments on “The Economy is Going to Implode

  1. Is this that chick with the pink AR-15 with a rosary wrapped around it, or her, or her pet Rottweiler or somethin’ ????

    Oh, my. Good luck, sweetie….

    Outta here.

  2. Thanks again to Ven. Thomas and Ven. Timothy for the background and elucidation.

    Tim, GREAT line about LaVoris and the little lady fumbling in the red zone!

    I’ll say this for her, after READING her comments – she’s got a way about her!

  3. In my next life I am going to marry her. She’s fabulous.

  4. But she really gets it. Pink tins for girls, blue tins for boys. Ann is wonderful.

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