Cd. Oddi’s & Freemason Gr. Mstr. Gaito’s JOINT Letter to JP II

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That strange thread that binds the Church and Freemasonry

A letter written by Cardinal Oddi and the Grand Master Gaito to Pope John Paul II and the testimony of various prelates and “insiders” raise the issue of infiltration inside the Vatican

The infiltration of Freemasonry in the sacred rooms of the Holy See was often muttered, suggested, ventilated under most circumstances. The Church has always formally banned and excommunicated the Freemasons. But bankers Masons Bernardino Nogales, Michele Sindona and Roberto Calvi have managed the finances of the Vatican. Figures such as Licio Gelli and Umberto Ortolani have been awarded the highest honors the Vatican. And recent scandals such as P3 and P4 have raised questions about the relationship between current environments curial and Masonic lodges. How important then the Freemasons in the Vatican? And how can he also had to do with the election of the first Pope of the Jesuit History, Jorge Mario Bergoglio? A survey by Ferruccio Pinotti Seven journalist and Giacomo Galeazzi, La Stampa, the Vatican Mason, addresses these nodes through a mass of unpublished documents and testimonies inside and outside the Church. We anticipate here are some excerpts.

The cards. An unpublished document that proves the existence of relations between prelates and Freemasonry is a letter written by the leaders of the Grand Orient, in the person of the former Grand Master Virgil Gaito, a Roman lawyer (born in 1930) who was at the helm of the utmost obedience Italian Masonic from 18 December 1993 to 21 March 1999 together with Cardinal Silvio Oddi (1910-2011), and directed to Pope John Paul II. A shocking letter, in which the cardinal and the Grand Master Mason Wojtyla to openly call a “grand bargain” of peace between the Church and Freemasonry, the official recognition by the Vatican of the reconciliation between the Catholic faith and membership in Freemasonry. A letter all the more striking because it comes from a cardinal known for its intransigence disciplinary positions. Oddi, who was made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI, was the prelate who in fact tried to mediate with the traditionalist bishop Marcel Lefebvre facilitating reintegration of seminarians and priests by Bishop allontanatisi “rebel” French, welcoming them into an ecclesiastical college in Rome. Oddi was considered a “great protector” of Opus Dei, but also a major sponsor of the descent into the field in ’94, Silvio Berlusconi.

Its strong relationship with the Masons Goi prompted him to write to the Grand Master Gaito this letter to John Paul II: “Holy Father, it is with great joy that the undersigned Cardinal Silvio Oddi here and Lawyer Virgilio Gaito, Grand Master of the Grand Orient ‘Italy Palazzo Giustiniani, is made a sharer Your Holiness honor of convergence of views that they had achieved on the observation that, in the relationship does not calm occurred in the centuries between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry, either side has attributed much importance to what divided us totally ignoring the belief that unites us all along: the need for the man, as amended by the defect, raise temples to virtue in purity and brightness of the celestial spaces. So the opposite of fundamentalism have dug a deeper range that has not helped anyone because humanity is in desperate need of harmony to save themselves from moral rather than physical destruction (…) It is therefore in all its dramatic urgency that all enlightened minds, because to the sky, make a profession of humility, agree to march together to ward off the cliff the scattered flock. In our view, just that it must be, in the world of tolerance, the categorical imperative of all those who have the exciting privilege of the immeasurable responsibility for the care of souls and to be a moral guide. (…) Being fully aware of the purpose of universal Freemasonry has always been devoted to the improvement of the individual for the betterment and progress of humanity can only be reached through love and tolerance, we believe the time to launch a proper appeal reconciliation that will put an end to the centuries-old misunderstanding between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry (…) “.

Secret Alliance. The letter to the Pope continues: “Being then the streets of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry in that direction at least parallel, the undersigned, believe that there is no more reason today the opposition between the two institutions and that, instead, they, passing ancient , harsh, painful discord and mutual misunderstandings, should stretch my hand to make it more intense and beneficial for Humanity their work of kindness and charity. Indeed, we are convinced that the intolerance and fanaticism are the forces of evil against which we can and must mobilize the legions of good in a true holy covenant. (…) Arrange on the analysis performed, the undersigned submit to the wisdom and foresight of Your Holiness the evaluation of the possible promotion of bilateral meetings to qualified levels, preceded by a special hearing from you, Holy Father, granted to the Grand Master Virgil Gaito in the presence of the undersigned Cardinal Silvio Oddi, so that it is actually initiated the expected and mature process of rapprochement between the Catholic Church and regular Freemasonry. In the world of tolerance similar extraordinary event would be one of the most comforting in the history of humanity, and we are particularly happy to see it made by Your Holiness which goes all the esteem of the Freemasons and regular Italian – we are sure – the rest of the world which , together with the undersigned Cardinal Silvio Oddi, we hope to continue for long years in your apostolate of peace. ”

The testimonials. The investigation then quotes the testimony of the Grand Masters of the three main Italian Masonic obedience: Gustavo Raffi, Luigi Pruneti, Fabio Venzi (which admits the existence of priests Masons). As well as that of the former Grand Master Gaito and controversial leader of Masonic realities. But also offers numerous interviews with prelates who talk openly about Masonic infiltration in the Church as Father Gabriele Amorth, the danger of collusion between the Church, the Mafia and Freemasonry, as Monsignor Bregantini, Don Giacomo Ribaudo and father Giulio Maria Scozzaro.

There is also the “replica” of prelates like Archbishop Francesco Micciché and Monsignor Domenico Mogavero of the CEI. The investigation calls upon sources such as Antonio Mancini, who has been part of the Magliana gang, but also the former president of the IOR Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, Giovanni Maria Vian director of L’Osservatore Romano, as well as an important Jesuit theologian, the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni and the lawyer of confidence of the Vatican, Francesco Clementi.

May 7, 2013 (modified May 13, 2013)

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  1. Add in Canon Gregory Hesse’s claim, following his 15 years in the Vatican working with the pro-traditionalist, Cd. Strickler, that there had been one fatal and at least two other break-and-enter threats against two different secretaries to Pope John Paul II, and you have something that even the fable-spinner M.Martin would not have been able to dream up!

    As Fr. Hesse ( RIP ) said, “Even this pope ( JPII ), liberal as he was, wasn’t liberal enough for the satanists!”

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