Black Sheep Dog Controversy Re-emerges ( maybe… )

On another trad site a little dustup started recently concerning ex-priest Corapi.

This may mean nothing or it may point to a continuation of the festering idolatry plague so often spread by ululating Medjugoogoo tribesmen coming into contact with unsuspecting Catholics.

Does anyone have knowledge of whatever the latest status of the ol’ Black Sheep Dip’s comportment actually is? Is he still with his paramour? Still living in the gated MT community with his expensive toys? Still propagandizing for fun and profit ( even a 2011 Nat’ Cath Register article couldn’t help but notice that Corapi always throws a marketing hook into anything he broadcasts or writes )?


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One comment on “Black Sheep Dog Controversy Re-emerges ( maybe… )

  1. Gracias, amigo. Do we still have a link to the original discussions on this as the scandal broke?

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