Martyrology-May 13th
Roman Martyrology-May 13th- on this date in various years-

St. Robert Bellarmine, of the Society of Jesus, cardinal and one time bishop of Capua, confessor and doctor of the Church, whose birthday is kept on the 17th of September.

At Rome, in the time of Emperor Phocas, the dedication of the church of St. Mary of the Martyrs, formerly a temple of all the gods, called the Pantheon, which was purified and dedicated by the blessed Pope Bonface IV to the honour of the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, and of all the martyrs. The solemn anniversary of this dedication was later ordered to be kept by Pope Gregory IV as the Feast of All Saints on the 1st of November.

At Constantinople, under Emperor Diocletian and the proconsul Laudicius, the blessed Mucius, priest and martyr, who endured many tribulations and torments for the confession of Christ at Amphipolis, and then being taken to Byzantium, suffered death.

At Alexandria, the commemoration of many holy martyrs, who were put to death for the Catholic faith by the Arians in the church of St. Theonas.

At Heraclea in Thrace, St. Glyceria, a Roman martyr who suffered many severe torments under Emperor Antonius and the governor Sabinus. By the help of God having escaped them all unharmed, she was finally thrown to the wild beasts, and when the first one had bitten her body, she rendered her soul to God.

At Utrecht, St. Servatius, bishop of Tongres, whose grave, as a public sign of his merit, was free from snow during winter (although everything around was covered with it), until the inhabitants built a church over it.

In Palestine, St. John the Silent, who resigned the see of Colonia in Armenia and retired to the monastery of St. Sabbas until his saintly death.

At La Puye in the diocese of Poitiers, St. André-Hubert Fournet, confessor and one time parish priest, and founder with St. Elizabeth-Lucie Bichier des Ages of the Institute of the Daughters of the Holy Cross. He was placed on the roll of the saints by Pope Pius XI.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God

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