Justice for immigrants

This past Sunday I had to go to my N.O. church. At the beginning of mass we were told to fill out some postcards which were from the “Justice for Immigrants” of the U.S. bishops. which read: “I agree with the U.S. Catholic bishops that now is the time to pass just and compassionate immigration reform. I ask that in the 113th Congress (senate, there were 2 cards 1 for our congressman, 1 for our senator) you support immigration reform that
Provides a path to citizenship for undocumented persons in the country
Preserves family unity as a cornerstone of our national immigration system
Provides legal paths for low-skilled immigration workers to come and work in the United States
Restores due process protections to our immigration policies
Addresses the root causes (push factors) of immigration, such as persecution ans economic disparity.
I look forward to monitoring your public position on this vital issue to our nation.
Sincerely , ______________.
Where are the postcards to the Congress and Senate concerning abortion and homo-sodomite marriage? Where are the postcards against abortion and for the person-hood of the unborn? And the government officials that promote these things ? Where are the postcards to the Bishops, themselves that give communion, against Cannon Law, to these politicians.
After that we were introduced to the new ‘charismatic deacon’ who also gave the homily.
And with now 2 deacons and 2 priest there is still a parade of Eucharistic ministers.

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3 comments on “Justice for immigrants

  1. So we import welfare cases and export jobs. What could go wrong?

  2. there were 2 cards 1 for our congressman, 1 for our senator

    The bishops need to go back to school for basic American government…..we each have 2 senators….that would make 3 cards.

  3. Has the church become socialist ? It sure doesn’t seem Catholic anymore.

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