The Vatican doctors approve the miracle to make Wojtyla a saint
Medical council has recognized one healing as inexplicable If the theologians’ OK were to arrive, John Paul would become a Saint only eight years after his death
Andrea Tornielli
Vatican City

“A saint now!” The canonisation of Wojtyla is getting closer quickly and it could be celebrated next October. In fact, in the past few days, the medical council of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints has recognized as inexplicable one healing attributed to the blessed John Paul II. A supposed “miracle” that, if it is also approved by theologians and the cardinals (as it is very likely), will bring the Polish Pope, who died in 2005, the halo of sainthood in record time, just eight years after his death.

It all happened in great secrecy, with maximum confidentiality. In January, the postulator of the cause, Mgr. Slawomir Oder, submitted a presumed miraculous healing to the Vatican Congregation for the Saints for a preliminary opinion. As it is known, after the approval of a miracle for the proclamation of a blessed, the canonical procedures include the recognition of a second miracle that must have occurred after the beatification ceremony.

Two doctors of the Vatican council had previously examined this new case, and both gave a favourable opinion. The dossier with the medical records and the testimonies was then officially presented to the Congregation, which immediately included the examination in its agenda. In the past few days it was discussed by a committee of seven doctors, the council (presided over by Dr. Patrick Polisca, Pope John Paul II’s cardiologist), Pope Benedict XVI’s personal physicians and now Pope Francis’s. The medical council also gave a favourable opinion, the first official go-ahead by the Vatican, by defining as inexplicable the healing attributed to the intercession of the blessed Karol Wojtyla.

This is the overcoming of the first fundamental hurdle, given that the alleged miracle must now be approved by theologians and then by the cardinals and bishops of the Congregation, before being subjected to the Pope for the definitive “yes”. In any case, the approval of the council is considered the most important step; in fact, neither the theologians nor the cardinals are involved in the clinical evaluations concerning the case.

From the steps taken, the desire of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to work quickly is evident, as it had already happened for the beatification of Pope John Paul II, celebrated by his successor Benedict XVI the 1st of May, 2011. This fast lane that continues to be open for Wojtyla indicates that even Pope Francis is in favour of the canonisation of the Polish Pope.

It is still premature to talk about dates for the canonization, but the rapidity with which the examination of the miracle process is happening still leaves open the possibility of celebrating it on Sunday October 20th, very close to the liturgical holiday assigned to the blessed Wojtyla, which is on October 22nd.

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  1. Which is worse, kneeling down worshipping Satan, or kissing the Koran? Yeah, beats me too.

  2. Will there be or has there been a devil’s advocate in the canonization process?

    Has the evidence gathered by Father Luigi Villa been considered in the process?

    Will there be two kinds of saints, the post-conciliar ones and the real ones?

  3. I expect all post-V2 Popes except Benedict XVI will be canonized. JPII could have been worse, but for a very long reign we might have expected more. Kissing the Quran is hard to swallow, honestly. There should be a natural revulsion for any Catholic to do that, let alone the scandal attendant to the pope doing so. Then all the weird rites and, of course, the Assisi fandango. He was a world figure, but saint? And who started with the John Paul “the Great” thing, anyway?

  4. The official holy card for the “event” will feature the Subito with the mark of Shiva on his forehead, as he kneels to kiss the Koran, while pouring out libations to the snake “god” in the forest of Togo. In the near background there is a tabernacle surmounted by a statue of Buddha, and an altar boy being raped in the far background. The artist is awaiting suggestions as to how he might picture collaboration with the Communists.

    Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, deliver us!

    In Xto,
    Il gran testardo

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